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Look what I grew!
An occasional series highlighting fresh produce and flowers from home gardens
Henrietta Bramblett, 86, of Gainesville shows off her upside-down tomato plant. - photo by Tom Reed

Henrietta Bramblett, a lifelong Hall County resident, has always kept a garden filled with tomatoes and corn. Now that she's getting older, her daughter and son-in-law thought a funny as-seen-on-TV gift might help bring the garden to her. Turns out, it worked.

What she grew: A better boy tomato, grown from a kit that allows the tomato to grow upside-down, reminiscent of a hanging plant.

Why she decided to grow it: "I didn't. My daughter and son-in-law surprised me with that. They said, ‘Well, she can't get in the garden too well, so that would be handy to have it right there on the porch.' They surprised me with it."

Does it require any special care: "Nothing, except I use Miracle Gro and potting soil. I fixed it all by myself - I couldn't hang it up now, because I couldn't reach it."

How the tomatoes will be used: "I used to raise a garden, for a long time. Now I just can it and make tomato soup."

Would she grow it again: "You can take it down and clean it out and use it again next time. That's what it says in the directions - you take it down and use it again next time. I might do that next year instead of doing a garden."

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