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Snowmen pop up all across North Georgia
Resident show off their creative sides, design skills
Firefighters on “C-shift” at station No. 2 in Gainesville constructed a 14-foot snowman.

While some people waited for the recent winter snow to melt, others relished the opportunity to have a little fun and show off their creativity.

Snowmen of all sizes, shapes and varieties popped up in front yards throughout the region following the winter storm called Pax.

Casey Cochran along with wife Kacey Cochran and children Sidney, 14, and Wade, 9, built a Valentine’s Day-inspired snowman in front of their Gainesville home the day before the holiday.

“It was just good fun,” Cochran said. “We were throwing snowballs at each other while we were doing it. Everybody pitched in with the design.”

Michelle and Bradee Fair, both of Gainesville, packed small snowballs, grabbed a few props and made a “snow baby” in their yard.

Michelle Fair said she’s only made about three or four snowmen as an adult, but it’s an activity she enjoys.

“I wanted to make something really cute and interesting for my children,” she said. “Something that would make them smile. As I was getting out their snow hats, mittens, and gloves, I saw one of their infant hats that they wore home from the hospital and thought how cute a snow baby would be. I thought of my little girl’s baby doll with a pacifier in her mouth and grabbed it and went out and started building it. It was so much fun.”

Fair said she used a spray bottle of water to help the snow baby stick together better.

Lyn Cruse of Oakwood made her snowman look like it was mid-cartwheel. She got the idea from looking on Pinterest, an image sharing website.

She made the snowman in the same way she’d make a sand castle, by “piling it up and carving it out.”

While she had fun making the snowman, she said it came with some challenges and only lasted about a day.

“I am older now and this was exhausting,” Cruse said in an email. “Probably my last snowman. It symbolized my grandchildren playing in my yard.”

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