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Cruise tips from a shore excursions director Scott Kinney
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Thinking about cruising the high seas? Cruise expert Scott Kinney advises potential passengers to think before diving too deep. While the sea veteran highly recommends cruising, he said they should consider the following before a voyage:

  • Do your homework regarding your destination. “I cannot tell you how many people pay a lot of money to come on a cruise ship, and they know nothing about the ports. You have to do your research if you want the maximum enjoyment,” Kinney said.
  • If your budget allows, have at least a port hole in your cabin. “At least have a window to look out and see the sea,” Kinney said.
  • Look closely at what’s included in your cruise fare.“Don’t be nickel-and-dimed for everything,” Kinney said. “Really make sure you know what you’re paying for when you book. Pay attention to whether drinks, spa treatments, tipping, excursions, etc. are included.”
  • If possible, don’t travel alone. “Part of the fun is going and sharing these great places with someone else,” Kinney said.
  • See something new. “Don’t go back to the same part of the world,” Kinney said. “Go somewhere else. See something else fresh and exciting.”
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