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Lundi IPA: A delightful French homage to Monday Night
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Monday Night Brewing's Lundi IPA. - photo by Nick Bowman

Releasing a core beer eight years into the game is risky.

Monday Night Brewery recently put all of its experts into one pot and came out with one of their most beautiful year-round concoctions — the Lundi IPA.

Lundi IPA

Brewery: Monday Night Brewing

Alcohol by volume: 7.1%

International Bitterness Units: 55

Style: “No coast” IPA

Bottom line: A beautiful beer with the potential to become Monday Night’s flagship brew

“I don’t think core beers are going to have the same place like they used to because everyone wants the next thing,” said Peter Kiley, Monday Night’s brewmaster. “It really had to be a club-banger for it to be entered into the candidacy for core.”

For the development of the Lundi, Kiley said brewing the beer was only a third of the battle. He attributes the beer’s success to the marketing and management team. 

“Everyone on our executive team has a different strength,” Kiley said. “They’re very numbers oriented.”

He said the team examined the style of beer that was trending in the market, finding that IPAs account for 68% of what’s sold in the craft beer sector. So naturally, it felt right to pursue the IPA route. 

Kiley aimed to create a beer that wasn’t overly bitter like most West Coast-style IPAs, nor hazy with a short shelf-life like many New England-style IPAs.

He describes the Lundi IPA as a “no coast IPA.”

“It’s somewhere in the middle with the flavors of a New England IPA and the shelf stability and overall bitter pleasantness of a West Coast IPA.”

The creation of the Lundi took a couple of iterations before Kiley got it right. He wanted to make sure to release something that would not only last in cans for up to six months, but also keep its flavor and aroma with age.

The Lundi is the only core beer from Monday Night that includes a mid-fermentation dry hop. This involves adding more hops while the yeasts are still actively fermenting.

“A lot of aromatic compounds go through biotransformation,” Kiley said. “This allows the hops not just to sit in the finished beer, but actively fermenting beer. It brings out really unique and fun flavors, and unlocks the hops.”

I recommend pouring the Lundi into a glass to get the full effect of its gorgeous yellow hue and bright, hoppy aroma. 

As someone who’s sensitive to intensely hop-packed brews, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how the beer struck a balance between juiciness, softness and bitterness. 

Monday Night knocked this core beer out of the park. It’s everything I want in an IPA. 

I know it’s spooky season and I don’t want to jinx this brew, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lundi rose through the ranks to become Monday Night’s flagship beer. 

The brewery took a gamble with this beer, and it clearly paid off. 

Kiley said he always wanted to make a beer that paid tribute to Monday Night and the Lundi does just that.

The beer’s name, translates to “Monday” in French. Kiley said the CEO wasn’t the biggest fan of his recommendation at first, but after a long deliberation, it stuck. 

“The beer is already soft and elegant,” Kiley said. “It’s not an American feel, but not a French IPA. It’s a fun way to say Monday that pays homage to both the beer and who we are.”

People can pick up a pack of the Lundi at Monday Night’s main location at 670 Trabert Ave. NW in Atlanta and the Monday Night Garage at 933 Lee St. SW in Atlanta. 

For more information about Monday Night and its tasty brews, visit

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Monday Night Brewing's Lundi IPA. - photo by Nick Bowman
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