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Fifth and sixth grade Hall County students competed at 4-H County Project Achievement Jan. 29 at Tadmore Elementary School. A total of 95 students competed in a variety of 4-H project areas.

The students that competed at this event are invited to compete at the District level on March 23 in Union County.

World Language Academy

First place: Angie Jones, Arts Second place: Kylie O’Donnell,Wildlife

Friendship Middle School

First place: Brelynn Millwood, Health First place: Alejandro Campo, Human Development

First place: Melanie Keller, Dog Care & Training

Second place: Trystan Johnston, Food for Family

White Sulphur

Second place: Trevor Payne, Performing Arts –Instrumental

First place: Shi Williams, Target Sports First place: Destiny Bryant, Sports

Second place: Sandra Ponce, Dog Care & Training

First place: Jason Carmona, Entomology

Second place: Imre Earls, History Second place: Tyrese Simmons, Health

Third place: Gerardo Hernandez, Health

First place: Kaylee Bruner, Wildlife

First place: Jason Martinez, Electric/Electronics

First place: Alyssa Touchet, Marine & Coastal Ecology

Second place: Elizabeth Aviles, International, Lula

First place: Cody Woodard, Horse


Second place: Jade Fajardo, Ocean Ecology


Third place: Jose Garcia, Sports

Second place: Ruben Baez Lopez, Electric/Electronics

Second place: Daniela Carillo, Performing Arts - General

First place: Rachel Rodriguez, Clothing & Textiles

First place: Oscar Aguirre, General Recreation

First place: Abigail Rodriguez, Pork Production

First place: Miguel Moondragon, General Science

Second place: Miguel Valentin, International

Third place: Drae Towry, Air Science

First place: Shante Lanyon, Wildlife Third place: Giselle Silva, Clothing & Textiles

Second place: Laura Flores,Photography Second place: Josue Cruz, Using Water Wisely

First place: Albert Martinez, Dog Care & Training

Third place: Gavino Tello, General Recreation

Third place: Brian Don, General Science

Third place: Galilea Pineda, Clothing & Textiles

Third place: Arabella Nicholson, Cat Care

First place: Guadalupe Mendoza, Photography

First place: Juan Rocha, Bicycle First place: Emilliano Perez, General Recreation

Second place: Alejandra Carillo, History

First place: Daniel Carillo, History Third place: Emily Galaviz, Marine & Coastal Ecology

Second place: Jaelyn Boyd, Safety

First place: Eldi Funes, Communications

First place: Dan Andrade, Communications

Second place: Daniel Hinshaw Housing, Equipment & Environment

First place: Jayden Gooch, Target Sports

Third place: Irving Flores, Fresh Water Fish & Shellfish

First place: Kayla Madrigal Poultry & Egg Science

Second place: Xavier Rivera General Science

First place: Nicole Teisier, Food for the Family

Third place: Amy Burtch, Ocean Ecology

Third place: Carlos Espinoza, Air Science

Second place: Juan Alvarez,Geology First place: Daniel Martinez, Paleontology

First place: Cindy Argueta, International

GA Cyber School

First place: Camilla Griffin, Food Safety & Preservation

Home School

Second place: Autumn Knight, Target Sports

East Hall

First place: Conner Payne, Performing Arts –Instrumental

West Hall

First place: Gretchen Bullock , Performing Arts- General

Second place: Anna Pettit, Horse North Hall

First place: Gerran Collins, Poultry and Egg Science

First place: Hailey Sailors, Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

South Hall

First place: Jon Butler, Ocean Ecology

Centennial Arts

First place: Taylor Cornett, Food for Family