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School News
North Hall High School Rachel Glazer gave a presentation, including her award-winning speech on optimism and an original poem, at the Aug. 1 meeting of the Northeast Georgia Writers Association at Peach State Bank in Gainesville. With Glazer, from left, is Flo Bullis, NEGA Writers parliamentarian, and the group’s president, William Thomas Nichols.

North Georgia College & State University in Dahlonega conferred both undergraduate and graduate degrees on more than 800 total graduates in the spring graduation ceremonies held May 4-6 on campus.

Lumpkin County

Parks Eugene Anderson, Dahlonega, BBA- Marketing

Jessica Lou McMichen, Dahlonega, BS- Political Science

Karen Danielle Spencer, Dahlonega, Master of Education History

Evan M Lowell, Dahlonega, BBA- Management

Brittany C Jamison, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Jacqueline Ward Karst Fitzgerald, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Matthew Nathan Park, Dahlonega, BBA- Management

Rachel Victoria Hortman, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Frances Carrene Gilbert, Dahlonega, BS- Athletic Training

Bridget Allison Mullen, Dahlonega, BS- Phys Educ/Certification

Ashley Marie Huerd, Dahlonega, BS- Biology

Noah Bennett Souders, Dahlonega, BA- English/Certification

Jesse William Green, Dahlonega, BS- Chemistry

Kevin Adrian King, Dahlonega, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Rebecca Erin Moore Miller, Dahlonega, BA- Spanish

Melanie Elizabeth Alm, Dahlonega, BS- Sociology

David Rodney Entrekin, Dahlonega, BBA- Finance

Jason Shelby Wingate, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Clayton Charles Bean, Dahlonega, BS- Mathematics

Scot Alan Reiher, Dahlonega, BA- History/Certification

Meghan Marino Feltman, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Lena Michelle Watkins, Dahlonega, BBA- Management w/Leadership conc.

Daniel Lamar Smith, Dahlonega, BBA- Finance

Lauren Logan Daughtery, Dahlonega, BBA- Management

Elizabeth Lambers Stewart, Dahlonega, Master of Education- English Ed

Andrew Nicholas Pfeiffer, Dahlonega, BS- Chemistry

Karla Edith Alvarez, Dahlonega, BS- Art Education

Mackenzie Frank Powell, Dahlonega, BBA- Marketing

Megan Margaret Kelley, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Nathan Gregory Cowart, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Crystal Lynn Garrison, Dahlonega, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Stasa Vujosevic, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Jessica Sarai Craig, Dahlonega, BA- Music

Dennis Hayes Bagwell, Dahlonega, MA- MA-History Non-Mil Thesis

Andrew Joseph Martin, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Christen Breanne Cope, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Hannah Marie Moore, Dahlonega, BA- Art w/Emphasis in Art Studio

Meagan Glyn Parrish, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Jeffrey Wallace Dykes, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Eulalie Greer Dover, Dahlonega, Master of Education- English Ed

Brenton Ross Book, Dahlonega, MA-Physical Education

Karly Christine King, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Ashleigh Marie Andrews, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Katelyn A Lee, Dahlonega, BA- French/Certification

Chandler Marie Stahl, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Ashley Louise Dial, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Jay Dee Barron, Dahlonega, BS- Chemistry/Certification

Malina Dawn Maldonado, Dahlonega, Master of Education-Middle Grades Ed

Dylan Thomas Stafford, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Reanna Lynn Thrasher, Dahlonega, BS- Political Science

Brittani Lieghann Nicole Crain, Dahlonega, BA- English/Certification

Ashley Michelle White, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Kathryn Marie Caughell, Dahlonega, MS- MS Physical Education

James Calvin Webb, Dahlonega, BS- Sociology

Melissa Deanne Ryno, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Cameron Nicole Rigsby, Dahlonega, BS- Phys Educ/Exercise Science

Svetlana Joy Taylor, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Emily Antoinette Chagaris, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Michael Anthony Ranfone, Dahlonega, MA-International Affairs

Sofia Marie Bork, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Sarah Star Claussen, Dahlonega, BS- Art Education

Victor Charles Parker, Dahlonega, MBA

Jesse Andrew Chembars, Dahlonega, BBA- Finance

Andrew Nicholas Pfeiffer, Dahlonega, BS- Mathematics

Courtney Marie Quinn, Dahlonega, BBA- Marketing

Adeline Vashti Jones, Dahlonega, BS- Phys Educ/Exercise Science

Madison Lee Horne, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Karri Leigh Christy, Dahlonega, MA-English Ed

Jenny Peck Moose, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Kevin David Kirkley, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Katherine Leigh McClure, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Andrew Martin Derek Little, Dahlonega, BBA- Accounting

Tiffany Edna Mickenheim, Dahlonega, BBA- Finance

Laura Leigh Mullins, Dahlonega, MA- History American Non-Thesis

Adam Reynolds DesPres, Dahlonega, BA- History/Certification

Kalie Rebekah Gerrells, Dahlonega, BS- Art Marketing

Britta Emily Hallberg, Dahlonega, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Jennifer Erin James, Dahlonega, BS- Special Education

Marissa Victoria Herrera, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

Graham David Hayes, Dahlonega, BBA- Finance

Kimberly Renee Sutton, Dahlonega, BS-Nursing

Candace Faith Wright, Dahlonega, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Alesia Caitlyn Forehand, Dahlonega, BS- Middle Grades Education

Sun Meen Moon, Dahlonega, BS- Biology

Christopher Ryan Oliver, Dahlonega, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ryan Hunter Hogue, Dahlonega, MA-Science Education

Ashley Elizabeth Deforest, Dahlonega, BS- Psychology

White County

Stacey Lee Allison, Cleveland, BS- Mathematics

Amy Elaine Craven, Cleveland, BS- Psychology

Heather Michele Berninger, Cleveland, BS- Psychology

Travis Daniel Berninger, Cleveland, BS- Chemistry

Stacey Lee Allison, Cleveland, BS- Physics

Heather Kathryn McLemore, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Joni Darlene Hester, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Abigail Dorothy Blauvelt, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Adam Nicholas Shelnut, Cleveland, BS- Physics

Kala Eden Cain, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Stephanie Martin Usher, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Richard William Beckman, Cleveland, BS- Physics

Rachael Michilina Greene, Cleveland, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Patrick F Lowendick, Cleveland, MA-Science Education

Lindsey Margaret Graves, Cleveland, BBA- Accounting

Cayla Renee Slay, Cleveland, BS- Special Education

Nancy Elaine Hunt, Cleveland, BS- Phys Educ/Exercise Science

LeeAnn Nelson, Cleveland, BBA- Accounting

Jill Elizabeth Hamilton, Cleveland, Master of Education- Early Child Ed

Ethan David Lusk, Cleveland, BS- Political Sci/Amer Politics

Gregory Michael Loebick, Cleveland, BS- Biology

Trailly Antha Holland, Cleveland, MA-Mathematics Education

Anna Beth Pruitt, Cleveland, BS- Biology

Callie Suzanne Mauney, Cleveland, BBA- Marketing

Albert Duane Panke, Cleveland, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Elizabeth Nicole Dewalt, Cleveland, BS- Middle Grades Education

Kyle Wesley Ansley, Cleveland, BBA- Marketing

Catherine Danielle Ashley, Cleveland, MS- Community Counseling

Brittany Dawn Fain, Helen, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Nick Andre Bonelli, Sautee Nacoochee, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Alan Christopher Sosebee, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- Criminal Justice

Ansley Katheryn Tucker, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- Psychology

Mary Michelle Hill, Sautee Nacoochee, Master of Education- Early Child Ed

Amanda Nicole Watkins, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- Special Education

Elizabeth Angel Chaffin Howard, Sautee Nacoochee, BS- General Studies