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Arrandale prison guard receives award
Lt. Gordon Spears from Lee Arrandale State Prison received the Bobby Franklin Award for his work in the Department of Correction and miltary after being fatally injured in a road side bomb in Iraq. Attending the awards ceremony with Spears was Lee Arrandale State Prison Warden Kathy Seabolt.

Lt. Gordon Spears earned the Bobby Franklin Award after starting a voluntary physical fitness program for inmates at Lee Arrandale State Prison.

Nearly 650 inmates attend the physical workouts with Spears. He puts the inmates through several types of aerobic exercises. Spears even comes in on his days off to work with them. The exercises have helped some inmates loose weight, build up stamina and cut down on incidents in the dormitories.

Spears also works with the Diagnostics and Resident Substance abuse program residents. He teaches them the proper method of marching and facing movements.

Spears retired from the Georgia Army National Guard on May 1 after serving for 32 years with six deployments and three combat tours during his career. While in the National Guard, Spears received the Valley Forge Certificate of Heroism from then-Gov. Zell Miller for his action during the bombing at Olympic Park.

Spears is a seasoned officer with the Georgia Department of Correction. He has worked for the GDC for 20 years and his attitude is always positive and upbeat.