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Births published May 3
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Adams, a girl, Georgia Leigh, April 18, Misty and Jimmy Adams, Cleveland.

Bannister, a boy, Trentin Heath, April 18, Kathy Baughcum and Tyler Bannister, Gainesville.

Blakely, a boy, Patrick Anton Jr., April 23, Jazmin and Patrick Blakely, Athens.

Borders, a boy, Deshun Sinceize, April 23, Seneca Young and Jack Borders, Gainesville.

Brown, a boy, LeyLand Leon Christopher, April 15, Tiffany and Chris Brown Flowery Branch.

Cardona, a boy, Joel Lee, April 20, Rochelle "Ali" Rogers and Joel Cardona, Gillsville.

Carpenter, a boy, Kinzey Lane, April 8, Keri and Lance Carpenter, Gillsville.

Carpenter, a boy, Rylan Samuel, April 8, Keri and Lance Carpenter, Gillsville.

Chitwood, a girl, Katherine Grace, April 15, Shannon Edwards Chitwood and Bryant Chitwood, Cornelia.

Coleman, a girl, Reyanne Katie, April 22, Laura and James Coleman, Toccoa.

Corum, a girl, Isabella Grace, April 18, Greta and Scott Corum, Flowery Branch.

Edwards, a boy, Calvin Malachi, April 23, Tiffany and Calvin Edwards, Gillsville.

Ginn, a girl, Elie Roxann, April 21, Kayla and Ryan Ginn, Jefferson.

Guerrero, a boy, Joseph Adrian, April 18, Elizabeth Zavala and Hector Guerrero, Toccoa.

Hale, a girl, Kaleigh Isabella, April 26, Patricia Cochran and Chris Hale, Baldwin.

Hester, a boy, Raheem My'Kel, April 23, Tosha Hester, Gainesville.

Hurtado, a girl, D'Lila Guadalupe, April 22, Carla Rocha and Juan Hurtado, Gainesville.

Kirkland, a girl, Avery Dreux Fraser, Feb. 20, Lauren and Heath Kirkland, Toccoa.

Lineberry, a boy, Gavin Layne, April 23, Nicole and Josh Lineberry, Flowery Branch.

Locklair, a boy, Nicholas Ryan, April 16, Stephanie and Ryan Locklair, Demorest.

Lopéz, a boy, Kevin Alexander, April 15, Irma Prieto and Alejandro Lopez, Sugar Hill.

Maney, a girl, Kenlie Anne, April 24, Brandy and Mark Maney, Dahlonega.

McEntire, a girl, Karalyne Blair, April 25, Brittany and Kolby McEntire, Demorest.

McGee, a boy, Charles Ryder, April 21, Amanda McGee, Flowery Branch.

Moon, a girl, Addisyn Rose, April 25, Jessica Moon, Buford.

Morrison, a boy, Garrett Clyde John, April 8, Kristy and Beau Morrison, Demorest.

Pace, a boy, Zekiel Noah, April 15, Melissa and Tim Pace, Mount Airy.

Patel, a boy, Divya Babubhai, April 22, Manisha and Babubhai Patel, Flowery Branch.

Perry, a boy, Carder Cash, April 24, Kristin and Scott Perry, Gainesville.

Phillips, a girl, Aiden Krichelle, March 17, Brittany Phillips and Ethan Frasier, Dawsonville.

Pulido, a boy, Gerardo Guerra Jr., April 9, Brandy Meeks and Gerardo "Jerry" Pulido, Clarkesville.

Ray, a girl, Emily Diane, April 22, Dana and Jeff Ray, Flowery Branch.

Rewis, a girl, Kalli Kamrine, April 11, Tiana R. Benitez and Jessie L. Rewis, Cleveland.

Sewell, a boy, Joshua Franklin, April 24, Julie and Adam Sewell, Oakwood.

Stacey, a girl, Sarah Shianne, April 24, Bonnie DuBois and Elbert Stacey, Buford.

Stapleton, a girl, Abbygail Marie, April 14, Stephanie and Randall Stapleton II, Alto.

Vasquéz, a girl, Yuretsy Antonio, April 18, Lucia Antonio-Antonio and Alvaro Vasquéz-Caudillo, Gainesville.

Ward, a boy, Bryson Lee, April 20, Brandi and Ritchie Ward, Demorest.

Williams, a boy, Nathaniel Kyte, April 25, Amy and Chris Williams, Gainesville.

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