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Births March 1 - April 10
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Benitez, a boy, Matthew Austin, April 5, Stephanie and Ramon Benitez, Cleveland.

Calderon, a girl, Amily Rivera, April 5, Cristina Rivera Calderon, Gainesville.

Castro, a girl, Briana Samantha, April 10, Blanca Vasquez and Edin Castro, Gainesville.

Caudell, a boy, Luke Aaron, April 9, Megan and Mark Caudell, Mount Airy.

Chapman, a boy, Easton Alvin, March 1, Leanne and Lonny Chapman, Gainesville.

Colbert, a girl, Avery Lee, April 8, Jessica and Jesse Colbert, Toccoa.

Cox, a boy, Reilly John, April 9, Jennifer and Anthony Cox, Cornelia.

Dills, a boy, Travis Ronnie, April 5, Samantha and Travis Dills, Clarkesville.

Etris, a boy, Ethan, April 6, Diana and Corey Etris, Gainesville.

Girón, a boy, Arik Orlando, April 9, Amber Torres and Orlando Girón, Flowery Branch.

Goins, a girl, Aria Renee, April 11, Evensong and Jonathan Goins, Dawsonville.

Ingram, a boy, Bane Edan Lawrence, April 10, Tiffany Southers and Steven Ingram, Gainesville.

Kingsbury, a boy, Conor William, April 6, Nadeen Bair and Mark Kinsbury, Gainesville.

Miller, a boy, Brayden Luis, April 8, Sherrie Miller, Gainesville.

Newton, a girl, Kylie Skye, April 7, Dawn Newton, Braselton.

Orlando, a boy, Rios Rincon Edwin, March 31, Raquel Rincon Castro and Dilio Orlando Rios Rios, Baldwin.

Poff, a boy, Hayden Jin, March 16, Ashley Mangum and Jonathan Poff, Gainesville.

Payne, a boy, Steven Parker Allen, April 7, Amanda and Jeff Payne, Clermont.

Reyes, a boy, Logan Martin, April 8, Kimberly Reyes and Martin Reyes-Torres, Flowery Branch.

Rush, a girl, Sarah Angell, April 7, Angell and Matthew Rush, Buford.

Scali, a girl, Eva Anne, April 8, Katie and Justin Scali, Flowery Branch.

Schullerman, a girl, Mya Elizabeth, April 6, Pamela Wallhausen and Billy Schullerman, Gainesville.

Villafaña, a girl, Alba Michelle, April 6, Alba Espinoza and Wilson Villafaña, Gainesville.

Vineyard, a boy, Monroe James, March 24, Jessica and Ross Vineyard, Cornelia.