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Birth for the week of Aug. 31
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Andres-Pedro, a girl, Licha, Aug. 25, Guadalupe Pedro and Enrique Andres, Gainesville.

Cantrell, a boy, Rylan Christopher, Aug. 21, Angela and Raymond Cantrell, Dahlonega.

Carter, a boy, Johnny James, Aug. 22, Cynthia and Ricky Carter, Hoschton.

Camacho, a boy, Jose Manuel, Aug. 22, Maria Rivas and Adrian Camacho, Gainesville.

Cheek, a girl, Angel Anoria Fralil, Aug. 21, Angel and Andrew Cheek, Gainesville.

Collins, a girl, Riley Ashlyn, Aug. 21, Amanda McCartney and Jacob Collins, Gainesville.

Couch, a boy, Carter Greyson, Aug. 21, Heather and Scotty Couch, Flowery Branch.

Drew, a boy, Brysen Joseph, Aug. 21, Heather Wardlaw and Paul Drew, Gainesville.

Espinoza, a boy, Carter James, July 14, Hannah and Gabriel Espinoza, Gainesville.

Espinoza, a boy, Garrett Gabriel, July 14, Hannah and Gabriel Espinoza, Gainesville.

Eterno, a girl, Mary Elisabeth, Aug. 21, Magdalena and Joseph Eterno, Gainesville.

Fowler-Williams, a boy, David James, Aug. 23, Lindsey Fowler-Williams and David Williams, Dahlonega.

Gardner, a girl, Alicia Jade, Aug. 12, Julie Dishman and Lee Gardner, Cleveland.

Hall, a boy, William Matthew, Aug. 20, Nikki and Kevin Hall, Commerce.

Hoover, a boy, Jacob William, Aug. 23, Maranda and Bruce Hoover, Flowery Branch.

Hudson, a boy, Sawyer Gable, Aug. 23, Misty and David Hudson, Flowery Branch.

Johnson, a boy, Brayden Beau Shayne, Aug. 23, Christie Watkins and Justin Johnson, Cleveland.

Lewallen, a boy, Maxwell Zayne, Aug. 19, Rebecca and Christopher Lewallen, Gainesville.

Maughon, a girl, Cara Joy, Aug. 19, Melissa and Chris Maughon, Demorest.

McClure, a girl, Caroline Grace, Aug. 20, Dana and Kevin McClure, Cleveland.

Miller, a girl, Elizabeth Cullens, Aug. 24, Leslie and Adam Miller, Gainesville.

Moore, a girl, Myah Khalida, Aug. 20, Khalida and Michael Moore, Buford.

Navarro, a girl, Isabella Lynn, Aug. 22, Susanna and Alex Navarro, Gainesville.

Oliver, a boy, Carter Layne, Aug. 24, Mindy and Jonas Oliver, Maysville.

Orta, a boy, Osmar, Aug. 21, Raquel and Luis Orta, Gainesville.

Riles, a boy, Emerson Michael, Aug. 21, Alia and Dennis Riles, Winder.

Robertson, a boy, Sabe Michael, Aug. 22, Devri and David Robertson, Gainesville.

Ruffins, a boy, Daffion Daeshad, Aug. 20, Teara Damons and Doug Ruffins, Gainesville.

South, a girl, Lydia Faith, Aug. 19, Amanda and Brandon South, Commerce.

Smith, a boy, Maverick Hayden, Lindsey and Jimmy Smith, Gainesville.

Standridge, a girl, Chloe Brooke, Aug. 19, Crystal and Jeffrey Standridge, Jefferson.

Strickland, a girl, Jordyn Noelle, Aug. 19, Holly Strickland and Terrell Davis, Cornelia.

Suffridge, a boy, Sidney Prince, Aug. 20, Erica Suffridge and Jared Davis, Cornelia.

Tyner, a boy, Christopher Bobby Lee, Aug. 20, Brandy Tyner Howard, Maysville.

Williams, a boy, Andrew Phillip, Aug. 19, Traci and Ted Williams, Buford.


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