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Birth announcements published the week of May 30
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Beard, a boy, Memphis Alexander, May 17, Ramsey Sinclair and Jared Beard, Gainesville.

Berry, a girl, Brentley Melissa, May 19, Meghan Akins and Benjamin Berry, Gainesville.

Blackburn, a girl, Jacelyn Elizabeth, May 23, Tonya Blackburn and Phillip Maddox, Clarkesville.

Brooks, a girl, Graclyn Renee, May 19, Teresa and Corey Brooks, Gainesville.

Carnes, a boy, Caden Ray, May 21, Wendy and William Carnes, Cornelia.

Cartagena, a girl, Jaslene Lisette, May 23, Stacey Cartagena, Gainesville.

Colley, a girl, Cambrie Nellene, May 20, Curston Gentry and Hasting Colley, Gainesville.

Dispain, a girl, Scarlett Kahmeel Amora, May 23, Diana Ferrer and Jeremy Dispain, Dawsonville.

Evans, a boy, John Parker, May 18, Tabitha and David Evans, Commerce.

Garrett, a boy, Hudson Elijah, May 21, Fran and Brent Garrett, Clermont.

Gerrell, a boy, Brandon Odis, May 19, Carla and Judd Gerrell, Cleveland.

Harper, a boy, Michael Carroll, May 21, Catherine and Johnny Harper, Gainesville.

Hoover, a boy, Noah Camden, May 16, Maranda and Bruce Hoover, Flowery Branch.

Hudson, a girl, Rylee Elizabeth, May 14, Jamie and Ryan Hudson, Gainesville.

King, a girl, Kayleigh Nicole, May 20, Danielle Bennett and Josh King, Gillsville.

Lam, a girl, Layla Shay, April 24, Shannon Martin and Michael Lam, Flowery Branch.

Martin, a boy, Joseph Henry, May 22, Andrea and Henry Martin, Maysville.

Mathis, a boy, Caden Lake, May 20, Kerri and Nathan Mathis, Cumming.

Medardo, a boy, Ayala Flores, May 25, Yessini Flores and Medardo Ayala, El Salvador.

Ortiz, a boy, Preston Richard, May 19, Ashely and Adam Ortiz, Gainesville.

Parkerson, a boy, Jaden Connor, May 19, Jennifer and Joshua Parkerson, Dahlonega.

Phillips, a boy, Noah Andrew, May 22, Misty and Andrew Phillips, Homer.

Roberts, a boy, Eli Matthew, May 20, Anya and Mason Roberts, Flowery Branch.

Thomas, a boy, Aidan Jonah, May 20, Ann Snyder and Lester Thomas, Cleveland.

Tullis, a boy, Zachary William, May 23, Shelley and Adam Tullis, Mount Airy.

Wade, a boy, Hunter Randall, May 19, Tiffany Foster and Anthony Wade, Cumming.

Wiggley, a girl, Dixie Caroline, May 19, Whitney White and Eddie Wiggley, Gainesville.

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