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Birth annoucements published Oct. 3
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Adame-Navarrete, a boy, Maximino Erik, Sept. 22, Brittany Perry and Erik Adame-Navarrete, Buford.

Adkins, a girl, Breonna Nichola, Sept. 14, Kaitlyn and Dennis Adkins Jr., Mount Airy.

Benton, a boy, Crew William, Sept. 22, Jennifer and Jonathan Benton, Clermont.

Casey, a girl, Sydney Peyten, Sept. 24, Carolyn Maloney and Kyle Casey, Gainesville.

Cianciolo, a boy, Tyler Jones, Sept. 22, Kelly and Chuck Cianciolo, Cumming.

Coggins, a girl Calleigh Elaine, Sept. 9, Leslie Turner and Michael Coggins, Flowery Branch.

Davis, a boy, Don William III, Sept. 24, Donna Parks and Don Davis Jr., Lula.

Dodge, a girl, Emily June Ann, Sept. 15, Monda and James Dodge, Sautee.

Duron, a boy, Richard Cruze, Sept. 20, Jessica and Steven Duron, Gainesville.

Edwards, a girl, Emmalee Jordyn, Sept. 24, Kelli and Kyle Edwards, Gainesville.

Foster, a girl, Destiny Rayanne, Sept. 23, Sylvia Fleming and Roy Foster, Cleveland.

Grindle, a boy, Bintley Adam William, Sept. 23, Ashley and Jeremiah Grindle, Gainesville.

Hartrick, a girl, Ali Joy, Sept. 21, Katie and Ryan Hartrick, Lula.

Hoffman, a girl, Isabella Renee, Sept. 24, Alexandra and Keith Hoffman, Gainesville.

Johnson, a boy, Ryder Carlyle, Sept. 23, Kate Stephens and Tim Johnson, Maysville.

Ladewig, a girl, Emma Marie, Sept. 24, Michelle and Kevin Ladewig, Dahlonega.

Ledesma, a girl, Sophia, Sept. 20, Virginia Baltazar and Jose Luis Ledesma, Cornelia.

Leyva, a girl, Julia Valeria, Sept. 19, Magaly Landeros and Jose Luis Leyva, Demorest.

McGuire, a boy, Matthew Levi, Sept. 20, Jasmine Mitchell and Jason McGuire, Cleveland.

Mintell, a girl, Scarlett Veronica, Sept. 25, Latasha Wallace and James Mintell, Cleveland.

Morrison, a boy, Luke Richard, Sept. 23, Holly and Charles Morrison, Dawsonville.

Mull, a girl, Kailyn Grace, Sept. 17, Shalece and Phillip Mull, Murrayville.

Pittman, a girl, Taylor Brooke, Sept. 22, Cindy and John Pittman, Gainesville.

Pittman, a boy, Zachary Brooks Jr., Sept. 26, Sally and Zach Pittman, Gainesville.

Porter, a boy, Jackson Lincoln, Sept. 23, Karen and Wayne Porter, Gainesville.

Romesburg, a boy, Lucas Samuel, Sept. 21, Terra Parker and Roy Romesburg, Dahlonega.

Schooler, a boy, William Carsyn, Sept. 20, Brittany and Joshua Schooler, Gainesville.

Smith, a boy, Peyton Andrew, Sept. 17, Kayla and Joseph Smith, Demorest.

Sosebee, a girl, Chandler Ann, Sept. 20, Sharon and Brett Sosebee, Gainesville.

Sosebee, a boy, Creed Phillip, Sept. 20, Sharon and Brett Sosebee, Gainesville.

Solomon, a boy, Taige Rashad, Sept. 20, Kayla and Torre Solomon, Gainesville.

Turner, a girl, Lillian Jane, Sept. 23, Morgan Dockery and Tyler Turner, Cleveland.

Waldrop, a boy, William Coleman, Sept. 22, Teresa and Toby Waldrop, Gainesville.

Whitmire, a girl, Elizabeth Mead, Sept. 21, Laura Ann and Shea Whitmire, Gainesville.

Yeoman, a girl, Vayda Lavonia, Sept. 24, Lavonia and Mathew Yeoman, Commerce.



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