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As kudzu grows, it takes on new forms like the Virgin Mary
It could be a hunch-backed monster, an elephant or a football player. - photo by Tom Reed

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Wild and meandering kudzu will grow on just about anything.

You see it growing over houses, light poles and encasing beautiful oak or pine trees.

But if you look closely you may see figures — like when looking at cloud formations.

A kudzu Jesus recently spotted in downtown Raleigh, N.C., inspired one Hall County resident to share about a kudzu Virgin Mary she saw off the side of Interstate 985.

At the beginning of the summer, Wanza McMillan said she and husband Swanson began to see a figure take shape - created by kudzu - near the new exit 17 as they were driving south.

As summer progressed the kudzu looked more and more like some kind of celestial being, she said.

"It looks like the Madonna or an angel, a very celestial individual," she said. "It looks neat. We've been watching it all summer as we came through (on I-985)."

McMillan said this celestial-shaped kudzu is first she has seen in her life, but she would love others to check it out and see what they think.

The kudzu Virgin Mary is located off the shoulder of I-985 south between exits 20 and 17.

Jack Anthony, a retiree in Dahlonega who took up photography about 10 years ago, set up a section of his Web site dedicated to kudzu-covered things.

"Just outside of Dahlonega, where (Ga.) 400 and (Ga.) 60 come together ... is a little house back in the woods, and that is the picture on the front of my Web site," he said. "And then I started finding other houses, and I just got interested in it. So everywhere I went I saw interesting shapes, I thought I'd photograph it."

He also has a "kud-zoo" section of the Web site with pictures of kudzu in animal forms.

"You see the shape and it's very interesting, and I take a picture of it," Anthony said, adding that others have submitted their own pictures of animal-shaped kudzu, too.

Maybe you see animals, but someone else may find a kudzu Joseph and baby Jesus to complete the kudzu holy family.