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Kelsey drinks beer: Resilience IPA
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Kelsey Podo. - photo by Austin Steele

In Andrews, North Carolina, you can find Foxy Lady, a New England-style hazy IPA, on tap at Hoppy Trout Brewing Company. I named it after my favorite Dungeons & Dragons character.

My passion for beer started senior year of high school, when I lived as an exchange student for a summer in Braunschweig, Germany. Staying in one of the most beer-centric countries in the world, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the local beers, which were pleasantly unique to each city.

Many beers later, I found myself apprenticing on-and-off at Hoppy Trout Brewing while working as a reporter in Andrews. After mentioning my interest in homebrewing to Hoppy Trout’s brewmaster, Tommy Rodeck, he invited me to work alongside him to get a hands-on look at the beer-making process.

For two seasons, I got to experience the perfect combination of chemistry and creativity, watching Tommy’s unconventional ideas come to life.

Before I left, he gave me the chance to name one of the brewery’s upcoming releases — how Foxy Lady came to be.

I’m by no means an expert, but in this space I hope to share my adoration of beer and perhaps learn something new with readers along the way.

So let’s talk about beer. This week’s brew was chosen for more than its satisfying hoppy flavor.

The Resilience IPA goes beyond the line of duty for most beer, and supports the wildfire recovery efforts in Northern California.

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Resilience IPA is a fund-raising collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and thousands of breweries around the country. Good Word Brewing and Public House in Duluth produced the version currently on tap at Downtown Drafts. - photo by Austin Steele

Led by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., which is based in California but has an East Coast brewery in North Carolina, the beer is made as a collaboration between the brewery and others across the nation. Using Sierra Nevada’s recipe and donated ingredients, brewers have made the Resilience IPA to sell on tap in their respective breweries.

Since launching the beer, more 1,400 breweries have signed up for the cause, including more than a dozen in Georgia and Gainesville’s own Left Nut Brewing Co.

Resilience IPA

Alcohol by volume: 6.7 percent

International Bitterness Units: 65

Style: American IPA

Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co./Good Word Brewing and Public House

Bottom Line: This is a solid West Coast-style IPA with a delightful balance of in-your-face hops and malty sweetness.

All of the proceeds from the Resilience IPA’s sales are donated to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund through Golden Valley Community Bank Foundation.

Made with centennial and cascade hops, this bright-copper beer doesn’t shy away from offering a bitter bite upon first sip. The characteristic West Coast IPA flavor leads into malty caramel notes, offering a sweet balanced finish.

This medium-body beer is an easy choice for those who enjoy the dryness, bitterness and vibrance of old-school IPAs.

The version I had was brewed by Good Word Brewing and Public House in Duluth. Hall County residents can find the beer on tap at Downtown Drafts in Gainesville.

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