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Romance set to 80s music
Wedding Singer tells classic story in Cyndi Lauper style
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‘The Wedding Singer'

When: Preview, 7:30 p.m. Monday; shows, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday-Nov. 14 and 17-21; 2:30 p.m. Nov. 15 and 21
Where: Hosch Theatre, Brenau University, 429 Academy St., Gainesville.
How much: Preview, $8; show, $14-$22
More info: 678-717-3624

Robbie thinks he has the perfect life — he is the lead singer for the hottest wedding band in town, has a sweet suite in his grandmother's basement and is engaged to a chick who digs rock 'n' roll.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Until his bride leaves him at the altar and Robbie starts to learn the value of real love and friendship as the story unfolds in "The Wedding Singer," Gainesville Theatre Alliance's newest production, which opens with a preview performance on Monday.

The musical comedy is based on the Adam Sandler movie with all new songs and full-company dance numbers. GTA brought back guest choreographer David Rossetti, who worked with the theater company on last season's "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and has created over-the-top dance numbers throughout the play.

Jim Hammond, artistic and managing director of GTA, said the story is also appropriate for the times we're living in today — even with the actors' big hair and Spandex leggings.

"There's a time and a place for ‘Hamlet," he said. "This is not that time."

Instead, GTA decided to bring audiences a heartwarming comedy with fun music and a story that transcends generations.

And don't forget Robbie's break-dancing grandmother, played by Atlanta actress Jackie Prucha.

Thanks to a large freshman class at Gainesville State College — which shares resources with Brenau University to support GTA — the set and props designers had a lot of help on the multiple scene changes required for the production.

"Sometimes too many people makes it harder to do stuff, but we got a lot done and it's been a lot of fun," said Maegan Mercer-Bourne, a senior at Brenau who is props manager on the production.

And if you're nostalgic for 1980s fashions — because, you know, they're coming back in style — "The Wedding Singer" won't disappoint.

Lizzy Trawick, a junior at Brenau who is in charge of the wardrobe department for the production, said she and her crew trolled thrift stores from North Georgia to Atlanta to find the perfect neon clothing ordered by costume designer Fred Lloyd..

"What he looked for was bright colors, sparkles, anything really lively and fun," Trawick said. "And of course we did some research as to the cuts, how the garments were cut back then."

That means shoulder pads and jackets with flip-up collars.

"I just love all the colors in the show," Trawick said. "The hot pinks and the yellows; we were also able to find some authentic '80s pieces, like the Members Only jackets and the (Detroit) Pistons jackets."