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Work it out, then knock one back at brewery fitness events
Left Nut offers workout, yoga sessions followed by a cold one
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Pound Fitness instructor LeeAnna Channell, bottom center, demonstrates the workout Saturday during the Sweat and Sip event at Left Nut Brewery Company in Gainesville. The class is offered twice a month on Saturdays, when a $10 admission provides entry in the intense Pound Fitness class and a beer. - photo by David Barnes

Flights and Flow, Sweat and Sip

When: Flights and Flow is once a month from noon to 1 p.m. on Sundays; Sweat and Sip is every other Saturday from noon to 1 p.m.

Where: Left Nut Brewing, 2100 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville

Cost: $15 for Flights and Flow; $10 for Sweat and Sip

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When you think of exercise, does alcohol come to mind? While most people wouldn’t associate the two, Left Nut Brewing in Gainesville is trying something new and mixing them quite often.

Every other Saturday, the brewery hosts an event called Sweat and Sip from noon to 1 p.m. that lets participants get fit, then enjoy a beer.

Mirva Datta, event coordinator and taproom manager at Left Nut Brewing, said that after the $10 exercise class is over, all participants 21 and older will get a complimentary beer.

“The Sweat and Sip is very popular,” she said. “The past few weeks or few months we’ve had about 40 people doing this class. It’s a really, really fun class.”

And what makes the class so fun is the actual workout, which is called “POUND.”

LeeAnna Channell, owner of Rockstar Fitness featuring POUND, described the exercise as a “cardio-based pilates and yoga inspired rockout workout.”

It was Channell that came to Datta and asked to start the new event that began in January.

“After I got certified, I started looking into different areas that might be interested some of these (POUND) classes,” Channell said.” After visiting Left Nut, I saw the warehouse and the floors and just the wonderful space, and I just kind of had the idea of why don’t we do it here?”

So since then, Rockstar Fitness has been hosting Sweat and Sip at Left Nut Brewery.

“We use weighted drumsticks,” Channell said about the POUND workout. “They’re lightly weighted drumsticks that we call ripstix. Then we use the beat of the music and those ripstix to kind of help work our body.”

And according to both Datta and Channell, it isn’t too hard.

“Honestly, you can modify it and make it your own in any way that you want,” Channell said. “I have done this with 75-year-olds and I have done this with 12-year-olds, and you can modify it to anything that works for you. It’s great for the exercise fitness buff all the way down to the fitness newbie.”

And while Datta said participants of age are welcome, they have to be 21 or older to get the complimentary beer.

“Most of the time if we’re able to keep it in stock, we have some root beer that we have for the kids,” Channell said.

The next Sweat and Sip event is set for noon July 22.

If the POUND workout seems a little too intense, you can still try some beer and exercise with Left Nut Brewing’s other fitness class, Flights and Flow.

“Once a month we do Flights and Flow, which is a yoga class,” Datta said. “It’s $15 per person and they do yoga for 45 minutes. And then they get two different beers afterward.”

The brewery also plans to offer Zumba sessions soon.

“We haven’t had it yet but it’s going to be the 29th of this month,” she said. “That’s also $10 and they get one glass of beer after the class.”