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'Space' exhibit will orbit GEHC until March
Visitors to the GEHC enjoy learning how astronauts on the International Space Station sleep while viewing the Living in Space exhibit. The space exhibition will extend its time on display at the GEHC until March 3.

‘Living In Space’

When: Through March 3

Where: Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, 2020 Clean Water Drive, Buford

Cost: Free with admission to the center.

More info:

Good news for young astronauts in the making. The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center is extending the "Living In Space" exhibit until March 3.

"The ‘Living In Space’ exhibit has been extremely popular with visitors and school groups," said GEHC Director of Development Jason West. "The staff is excited to be able to continue to offer it as a part of the GEHC’s traveling exhibitions for an additional two months."

"Living in Space" allows visitors to become International Space Station crew members for a day as they engage in a multitude of astronaut activities. Visitors can plan their day in space, perform work activities such as a simulated science experiment, engage in daily living activities and mealtime or choose free-time activities.

The unique environment is the basis for an immersion experience, a window into a day in the life of a member of the ISS crew.

The exhibit resembles the look and feel of the actual space station. The entry portal communicates a typical day at the ISS and includes interesting facts about living on board. Visitors also use this area to make choices about what to include in their planned day in space. The exhibit is then divided into three distinct parts: "Living in Space," "Working in Space" and "Playing in Space."

"Living in Space" was created by the Children’s Museum of Memphis and is sponsored locally by Cisco and the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation. The exhibit is included with GEHC admission. For more information, visit