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Quinlan Visual Arts Center gives a fresh look to its walls with new exhibit and reception April 13
Spring Exhibitions to run until June 3
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Robert Semler

Quinlan Visual Arts Center’s Spring Exhibitions

When: April 13 through June 3

Where: Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 514 Green St. NE, Gainesville

Cost: Free

More Info:

Solo artists to marine artists to a society of artists are part of more than a hundred artists to be featured in the Quinlan Visual Arts Center’s 2017 Spring Exhibitions in Gainesville.

The exhibitions will include artwork from Fran Geiger, Jim Stallings, members of the American Society of Marine Artists and the Ocmulgee Painters Society. It will be on display from April 13 to June 3 at 514 Green St. NE in Gainesville.

Amanda McClure, executive director of the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, explained a “combination of things” led to these individuals being selected for the show.

“We have a board member right now (who) is very active in this marine artist group. And she brought a regional show here several years ago and she’s been working on me for a long time to get this show here,” McClure said in reference to the 17th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists. “It’s such a big undertaking and it’s different from what we do, because we focus a lot on our regional artists. These artists are coming from all over the country, so that’s what’s different in this show.”

As for the other three exhibitions, McClure said the Ocmulgee Painters contacted her while Stallings is returning to the Quinlan.

“Jim Stallings is an artist (who) exhibited here many years ago,” she said. “He’s been off kind of doing different things, and he’s coming back to show his new work. So it’s a kind of a return of an artist (who has) been popular here in the past.”

As for Fran Geiger, McClure really liked her work.

“I was talking to her in her studio one day and I said, ‘Want to do a show?’ and she said ‘yes,’” McClure said.

She pointed out the major headline for the spring exhibitions is the 17th National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists.

“It’s the first time that this national show has come to Georgia,” she said. “It’s going to another six venues across the country and we are the only one that’s not officially a museum. It’s a museum quality show that’s coming to our art center. So that’s a really big deal. They all have this passion for marine art, so it’s like nautical paintings and water themes.”

While the group sticks to a theme, the overall Spring Exhibition does not. The Ocmulgee Painters out of Macon has titled its show “From Mountains to Seas.”

“They’ll be showing the Georgia area from the mountain to the sea,” McClure said. “The other two solo artists are allowed to do whatever they want.”

Stallings will display paintings he did in a cottage in Wales.

“It’s going to be a bit of a potpourri of different items and elements, but I think it’s all going to fit together,” McClure said.

And no matter the outcome, she said it’s always interesting how things turn out.

“Sometimes I make plans on how things are going to show well together, like how things will contrast between the different artists and the different shows, and then sometimes it’s sort of left to fate on how the different pieces come together at the end and how the whole thing looks,” she said.

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