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History center educates kids on American Revolution
Northeast Georgia History Center Curator of Education Ken Johnston instructs a guest in 18th century fencing. - photo by For Get Out

Northeast Georgia History Center Family Day

When: 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 8

Where: Northeast Georgia History Center, 322 Academy St. NE, Gainesville

Cost: Free

More info:

Instead of lengthy lectures accompanied by glass displays and framed artwork, the Northeast Georgia History Center is bringing four American Revolution characters to life for its upcoming monthly Family Day event.

Through scripted musical theater, museum exhibits and interactive activities, the center will focus on the often unheard loyalist perspective of the war, including those who were exiled after the war because of their allegiance to the king.

“It’s one of the most effective ways we have to not only reach youth with the importance and the enjoyment of history, but it allows us to bring the whole family together as something they can participate in to make history tangible and accessible. It’s fun,” Northeast Georgia History Center Executive Director Glen Kyle said. “They’ll get a taste of — of course just a taste — of what it was like to be some of those people like women, children, African-Americans. There’s a lot of takes on history. It’s not just old white people anymore. It’s a history that features all of our pasts.”

Georgia’s Revolutionary War event will be 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 8, at 322 Academy St. NE, Gainesville. Admission is free through a sponsorship with the North Georgia Eye Clinic.

Ken Johnston, curator of education of the Northeast Georgia History Center, said the event not only teaches children history through hands-on activities and demonstrations, but the accompanying adults learn new facts as well.

Throughout the day, demonstrations of everyday activities from 18th century life will be conducted. A black powder and blades demonstration will show the use of black powder firearms and swords used by civilians and the military. Dancing techniques also will reflect one of the most popular recreational activities of the era.

“We’re doing 18th century games and recreation on going all day. We’re doing a demonstration of fencing, which was a sport in the 18th century,” Johnston said.