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Actors mime Christmas songs during Clarkesville's annual holiday celebration
Portrayal takes place inside picture windows at Woods Furniture near the city's quare
Two flutists play during last year's Windows at Woods event in Clarkesville. This year's event will be Saturday, Dec. 10, near the city's square.

Windows at Woods
Where: Woods Furniture, 1475 Washington St., Clarkesville
When: 6:30-7:15 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10
Cost: Free
More info: 706-754-4144

Woods Furniture in Clarkesville will be home to a different kind of mannequin challenge this year.

While the online version of the viral challenge features people holding poses as if they were mannequins, actors will come to life in the furniture store’s windows to tell Christmas tales.

“The actors are inside our store, and our big glass plate windows serve as the curtain,” said Sherry Callahan, who has owned Woods Furniture since 2005 with her husband, Mike. “They’re onstage inside our windows.”

In its eighth year, Windows at Woods is from 6:30-7:15 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10. It is part of A Downtown Clarkesville Christmas, which takes place across the parking lot at the gazebo. The celebration includes live entertainment, hot chocolate and visits with Santa.

“I think it’s just good old-fashioned, clean family fun,” Callahan said. “It’s a wonderful way to start the Christmas season.”

A partnership between Woods Furniture and Habersham Community Theater, Windows at Woods has grown over the years with as many as 400 people showing up in past years. Callahan said the first Windows at Woods only had four windows in motion.

Each year a theme is chosen for the furniture store’s windows at 1475 Washington St. in Clarkesville. This year it’s the Colors of Christmas.

“We’ll have six different windows with six Christmas songs that have a color in them,” Callahan said. “We will decorate the windows with that color, and then the actors will act out some part of the lyrics of the song.”

Spectators are invited to figure out the song represented in each window. Actors will be silent and no one will be narrating. Therefore, visitors must determine the song based on the actors’ actions.

“Just stroll by and stand as long as you want,” Callahan said, adding two flutists will play Christmas music.

The furniture store’s owners were inspired to create Windows at Woods after spending time in New York City.

“The windows are a huge asset to any business,” Callahan said. “We wanted to figure out how we could use them to serve our community. My husband and I have been really impressed with the gorgeous windows in New York City. They’re animated.”

In Clarkesville, however, the Callahans arranged to have members of the community act out scenes in the windows.

“This is such a commentary on the dedication of the volunteers at Habersham Community Theater, because they also have one of their six productions in production during this,” Callahan said. “Most of the group is presenting the story of the Nutcracker on stage. Another group will be here at the Woods presenting The Colors of Christmas. We’ve got a ton of talent in this community.”