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5 nearby spots to try all the flavors of ice cream this summer
05262021 DESSERT 1.jpg
La Mejor de Michoacán offers a wide variety of frozen treats, snacks and beverages at its Gainesville locations. - photo by Daniela Carrasco

It’s that time of year again when one frozen treat takes its rightful throne, or cone to be exact. Ice cream is calling, and these five Hall County businesses are ready to serve some scoops.

Clermont's Mountain Fresh Creamery offers flavors like orange cream .
Mountain Fresh Creamery

6615 Cleveland Highway, Clermont

Mountain Fresh Creamery has continued to bring fresh dairy products straight from its farm to local families since 2000. The family-owned farm bottles non-homogenized cream and milk and makes its own ice cream and milkshakes. The creamery offers a wide variety of ice cream options including vanilla, peaches and cream and butter pecan. Each weekend, Mountain Fresh serves a special flavor of the week like mocha cappuccino or orange creme.

Jeamor Ice Cream.jpg
A swirling cone of peach and strawberry ice cream from Jaemor Farms. Photo courtesy Carli Jones
Jaemor Farms

5340 Cornelia Highway, Alto

No visit at Jaemor Farms is complete without sitting down and enjoying a cup of soft-serve ice cream. Made with fruit grown on the farm and milk from Mountain Fresh Creamery, Jaemor’s ice cream can’t help its scrumptious allure. The popular strawberry and peach ice cream flavors are offered year-round.

Ice Cream at La Mejor De Michoacan at 405 Atlanta Highway comes in many flavors.
La Mejor De Michoacan

403 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville, and 1870 Atlanta Highway Suite H, Gainesville

The sweet-centric shop offers a large menu of frozen treats, snacks and beverages at its two Gainesville locations. If you’re in the market for ice cream, you’re in good hands at La Mejor de Michoacán. Customers can find ice cream flavors like mango, lime, kiwi and piña colada. Sweeter options include Reese’s, Fruity Pebbles and Gansito, a Mexican snack cake that includes strawberry-flavored jelly, creme and chocolate.

06062018 ROLL 6.jpg
Lissette Martinez prepares an ice cream treat Monday, June 4, 2018, at Roll's Oh-La-La at 125 John Morrow Parkway. Martinez pours the ingredients onto the ice-cold metal surface and chops, mushes and prods it while adding flavors, fruits or candies and then spreads it out thin across the cold surface before rolling it up. - photo by Scott Rogers
Roll’s Oh-La-La 

125 John W Morrow Jr Parkway, Gainesville 

Instead of packing scoops of ice cream into a cup or cone, Roll’s Oh-La-La embraces the delicate appeal of rolled ice cream. Using a frost top, which is a cold table top with shallow sides, the ice cream is spread into a thin layer, then rolled and placed into a cup. Customers can have ingredients mixed into their frozen treat like pieces of cookies and fruit.

03202019 JUKE 001.JPG
Debi Yorke, co-owner at Juke N Jive Creamery, scoops ice cream at her shop in Braselton on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Juke N Jive Creamery offers over 30 regular ice cream flavors. - photo by Austin Steele
Juke N Jive Creamery

6342 Grand Hickory Drive, Braselton

This retro-style ice cream parlor transports visitors to a time where checkered tiles dominated decor and poodle-skirts were in fashion. Juke N Jive Creamery even has a 1950s-themed soda foundation and an old jukebox. The family-owned shop makes a large selection of ice cream  — 30 flavors to be exact — handmade fudge, cakes, cobblers and other treats.