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Oglesby: Thoughts on Obamas budget, GOP contest
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Let's start with a clarification. My last column drew a wide response. Some were confused because of what seemed to me to be an innocent but incorrect editing.

I wrote that while my mother's full maiden name was Lula Ruth Moncrief. Her first name, Lula, was after Lula Hurst Atkinson, not the second name, Ruth. The way it appeared was "Lula Ruth Atkinson" which failed to mention Hurst, whom the column was about.

I wrote we visited her regularly whenever we were close to Madison until her death in 1950 while I was at the University of Georgia. I first met her when I was in early elementary school which was in the late 1930s. She wanted us to call her "Aunt Lula" though there was no blood relation.

The column intrigued a number who contacted me, some wanting more information, some wanting clarification, a few saying "no way." Several readers did their own research on Google and contacted me with their findings which included information I had no room to use: pictures, a couple who tried to duplicate her feats on similar tours as professional entertainers and even an online copy of her book and another. I'm grateful you were entertained and your interest piqued.

Gainesville lost another good man when Bill Babcock died. A fellow member at Lakewood Baptist Church he was noted for his quiet philanthropy, always ready to help. He made a difference. Also passing was Bradley Abernathy, a mover and shaker in real estate.

President Barack Obama's budget hit with a thud, dead on arrival and for good reason. Republicans won't go along with the provisions he considers most important nor will many Democrats. Obama calls it class warfare politics. Most others say killing it is common sense.

It doubles the capital gains and dividends tax rates. The companies paying the dividends already have paid taxes on the income from which the dividends come: Pure double taxation.

He would increase the estate tax to 45 percent, nearly half the net estate and demands raising taxes on singles earning $200,000 and couples $250,000. Topping it off, unless Obamacare is repealed or amended, starting next year there'll be a 3 percent tax surcharge on top of all "unearned income" such as dividends, interest and capital gains!

Hasn't the Treasury informed him the latest IRS figures show only 3 percent of the population pays 97 percent of the taxes while the remaining 3 percent (my classification) pay the rest? My income never has approached anywhere near those figures and I don't mind paying my fair share. His proposals are ridiculous and I'd venture most Americans taxpayers recognize it

At this writing, Mitt Romney leads with Rick Santorum nipping at his heels. While Newt Gingrich won Georgia, which he had to win, and picked up other delegates elsewhere, sufficient to remain in the race in third place now. He needs to win more of the Southern states and finish well in a number of other states picking up enough delegates to deny Romney the delegates needed before the convention.

Today's primaries may tell if he can do it. Otherwise he might withdraw and throw his support to Santorum, which might preclude Romney from selecting him as a running mate. I still think it'll come down to Romney or Newt.

Another development I wasn't expecting: Several of my black friends who admitted to voting for Obama because he was black have approached me in various places around town and told me they made a mistake and intended to vote for the GOP nominee in November whoever it is, including one who came to my house and asked for ways he could help.

Ted Oglesby is retired associate and opinion editor of The Times whose column, in its 53rd year, appears biweekly on Tuesdays and at You can contact him at P.O. Box 663, Gainesville, GA 30503.

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