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Letter: Change brings perfect storm to our doorstep
02012018 LETTER
The coming together at the same time of all ingredients for a catastrophe is sometimes called a perfect storm. The acceleration of social and political changes and proposals today is nothing short of amazing. Even the government, with its many tentacles, is not able to address change on so many fronts.

Socially, never before has a sitting governor proposed infanticide, which can open the door to euthanasia on demand, soon followed by government dictate. And the pro-choicers are rabid in their zeal for abortion and allowance for the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood.

Free speech is all but prohibited on college campuses. Further, protestors, taking the form of antifa, are allowed to satiate their thirst for violence, for a time, before law enforcement steps in.

And, of course, all society is bridled by political correctness, aka pernicious counterfeit, which stymies free speech. Academia and media embraced PC long ago, now government is comfortably on the bandwagon. PC enables, and leads to, the scourge of relativism with its elimination of accountability.

Socialism, with its promise of free stuff including guaranteed salary for all, is popular among many youth and even among a segment of the older set who should know better. Our government schools did not teach our youth the horrors of socialism and the amazing wisdom of our founders in setting our Constitution and republic. Is a course in civics offered anymore?!

Politically, the uber left wants to either ignore or rewrite the Constitution so that the coastal bastions of population and liberalism will carry the day in elections. The left would drop the Electoral College and allow adolescents (16 years old), felons and illegal aliens to vote.

By its inaction, Congress is sanctioning open borders. The quislings in both parties don’t have the courage to secure our borders and properly limit legal immigration. Today’s virtually open southern border and “catch and release” practice enables terrorists of any stripe to enter, along with gangs such as MS13.

More and more elected and appointed officials are supporting variations of gun control, leading to bans of sales and, ultimately, confiscation.

More Muslims, taking their oath of office (including upholding our Constitution) on their Koran and preferring their law, sharia, over our Constitution, are seated in Congress.

Meanwhile, Islamic organizations, like CAIR, work relentlessly to subvert our judicial system, advance their agenda and ultimately rule.

The storm will likely trigger one or more of these results: 1) our cold civil war will turn hot, 2) socialism, leading to communism, will rule, 3) we’ll become subservient to one or more superpowers, and/or 4) we’ll remain, loosely, a democratic republic but reduced to third world status.

Are you going to let this happen on your watch?

Gary B Hulsey