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Finding abundance hidden in plain sight
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It was a “dusting.” Just enough to cover the yard in crystalline white, but not enough to keep the grass, leaves and dirt from showing.

Our two boys had heard the forecasts of 3 inches, then 5 and then “snowmageddon.” Yet, in the morning they saw almost nothing. It was like powdered sugar lightly sprinkled over an unappetizing dessert, and it could have been the start of a very disappointing day.

I only saw a few snowballs’ worth at best. The stuff was scarce and tainted by dirt and leaves. I explained to my children there wasn’t enough to play in.

“You’ll just get muddy,” I said.

Stubborn in their childish optimism, they put on their boots and gloves. They refused to believe what I could see plainly: There wasn’t enough!

I watched as they sloshed through the yard, scooping up muddy handfuls of snow. I sighed as they tried in vain to scrape together enough to make snowballs. Then I cringed as my 10-year-old flopped onto his back for the most awkward snow angel I’ve ever seen. It was a farce good for nothing more than atrociously dirty laundry, and I decided to call them in before it got worse.

My 7-year-old son, however, had discovered something. Atop the patio furniture, the trash bins and our two cars, a pristine sheet of snow had settled and was just waiting to be ruined.

He made one snowball, then another and within minutes he was letting them fly. Soon he and his brother constructed a miniature snowman. In a blink of an eye, they turned my assumption of scarcity upside-down and discovered an abundance that was there all along, just waiting to be found.

Can you see it? Have you looked at your own life and thought there was not enough to make a difference? Have you looked at a world supposedly covered with God’s blessings and seen only a “dusting?” Have you looked out on the vast expanse of human need and seen only scarcity? Did your fear over the scarceness of things make you less willing to open your heart and share?

We’ve all been there. The presumption of scarcity is strong, and it leads us into false assumptions about how to live or treat others.

The truth is God’s “dusting” contains an abundance of blessings beyond our wildest dreams. There is enough grace, forgiveness and love to make a difference. There is enough mercy in the hearts of the faithful to care for vulnerable neighbors near and far. We can set aside our need for security and comfort to behold abundant blessings just waiting to be shared with the world.

It may seem that there’s not enough to matter, but God can hide a miracle in a “dusting.” Look for it. Be stubbornly optimistic. And when you find it, know there is more than enough to go around.

Don’t keep it to yourself. Instead, open your hand and let it go.   

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