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Lifting truck can make for comfortable, reliable ride
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“Lift or lower?” This has been the question that rattles in many teenage boys’ minds.

Undoubtedly, everyone has their own preference on things.

Lifting your truck can be for practical use, as well, getting around the ranch or even just to go off-roading for fun.

Then lowering can be useful if you’re going for performance, allows your truck to handle better in corners.

When lifting a truck, there are two types of lifts: a suspension and body lift.

Suspension lifts actually change out the old suspension components and alter the height of the body and frame. Body lift raises the truck on its stock suspension.

One cannot just slap on a lift kit or a body kit without taking into account key areas: brakes, drivelines, ride and suspension ,steering components.

When lifting the truck and adding big tiers, one cannot overlook the brakes with big tiers, which equals bigger mass and weight. The stock brake system won’t be able to handle the extra load, causing premature wear on rotors and brake pads and lengthening the minimal stopping distance.

This is an easy fix by upgrading to bigger rotors and bigger brake pads.

Next, lifting your vehicle puts your drive shaft at angles it’s not supposed to be, causing it to wear out way before it should and causing unwanted vibrations.

To fix this issue, the angle of the drive shaft connected to the transmission must be the same angle to the axle. This is usually called the pinion angle, meaning the differential pinion in relation to the drive shaft.

On to the ride and suspension, these are both intertwined. To buy low-quality parts and suspension is to equal a low-quality ride that consists of a very fatiguing ride, a hard ride to control and axle hop.

This is easy to fix with high-quality springs, dampers and suspension .

You can adjust coilovers and leaf springs to the ride height and whatever specific needs that need to be resolved.

Then, finally, steering components.

With big tires, a stock steering system may not be adequate enough to handle the extra strain, causing it to react slowly to the driver’s input.

Adding heavy-duty pitman arm to the steering setup may be needed, or even a hydraulic ram to assist in the steering.

These are the things one must keep in mind when lifting a truck for a comfortable and reliable ride.

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