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Letters to the editor

Your Views: Prayers’ foes spark outrage, then a blessing

The flak over folks praying at Chestatee High School is one of those good news/bad news situations.

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Your Views: Environmental groups trump up fears over energy

Was Bruce Vandiver’s letter last week in The Times a scare tactic? I don’t know. I do know that environmentalists often employ such tactics.

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Your Views: Humanists have no place telling us who can pray

To Monica Miller of the American Humanist Association: As a resident of Hall County let me say that I am deeply offended by your organization’s threat of legal action against Chestatee High School.

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Your Views: Schools were safer when prayer was still allowed in classrooms

When I was a boy in my lower grades at Candler Elementary School on Candler Road, we said our blessing before leaving our classroom going to lunch. Every so often, these people would come to the school in the lunchroom, and Bible verses we learned we would be able to say and be rewarded with a book marker or sometimes a little Bible testament.

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Your Views: Politics is still main obstacle to nuclear energy

What do we do about nuclear waste? Actually the answer is quite simple. The problem we most often run into with the high-grade questions, is political.

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Your Views: Mexico should not apply a double standard on its borders

I read in your paper about the crisis on our border with Mexico. It is clear Mexico looks the other way when immigrants cross its southern border and enter the United States. I lived in south Texas for 20 years and their security is a joke. They are the most corrupt in the world.

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Your Views: Humanist group’s threat over prayer is just a publicity stunt

Well, what do you know. It appears we have some more Madalyn Murray O’Hair wannabes. The American Humanist Organization of Washington, D.C., has threatened legal action against Chestatee High School to prevent high school coaches from leading and participating in prayer with the players.

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Your Views: Visit to VA clinic was a positive experience

My annual visit to the VA facility in Lawrenceville prompted me to write this note about my treatment. This visit was the most professionally handled than I have ever received at a medical facility. My appointment time was right on the mark.

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Your Views: We can’t allow spent nukes to be a new Chernobyl

In response to Rick Frommer’s letter blaming South Carolina Democrats for failure of a private nuclear waste recycling venture at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River site, I don’t think it matters which party controlled the state.

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Your Views: Private efforts to ‘clean up’ spent nukes rejected

To add some background to the letter published Wednesday from Bobby R. Stone in Alto: About 1969, three of the biggest energy companies in the world, Allied Chemical Co., Gulf Oil Co., Royal Dutch (Oil Co.) and Shell Oil Co. formed a partnership called Allied Gulf Royal Dutch Shell. The purpose of this company was to build a nuclear recycling plant on private land near the Savannah River Site in Barnwell County, as mentioned by Mr. Stone.

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