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Letters to the editor

Your Views: To avoid CO2 threat, give up plants, water

I’d like to applaud Gerald Tipton of Gainesville (as well as all the other global warming buffs) for his letter last week suggesting that we all curtail our consumption of meat in order to reverse global warming, currently going under the new name of “climate change.”

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Our Views: Global warming is a hoax aimed at ‘share the wealth’ ideology

In response to the ridiculous diatribe that Gerald Tipton wrote and was printed in The Times on Friday, Sept. 26, I will respectfully say the following: The presupposition that global warming is a fact is erroneous. There are many learned people in the scientific community who do not believe that this theory is true.

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Our Views: Stories on Nunn, GOP rally showed bias toward Democrats

From reading recent issues of The Times, one would think there is a real bias in favor of Democrats running for office and that Sam Nunn was running for the U.S. Senate, not his daughter, Michelle. In the Sunday issue, an article was titled: “A father looms large in key Senate race.” The reader learns much more about retired Sen. Sam Nunn versus his daughter, Michelle. Are staff thinking if they push the story of Sen. Nunn enough they will change the minds of voters and persuade them to vote for Michelle?

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Your Views: It's hard to justify big Oakwood tax increase

I do not live in Oakwood but I have operated a business in the city for more than 10 years. My wife grew up in Oakwood and my father-in-law lives there. Our company has been involved with many charities that have benefited the area and we feel like Oakwood is our second home.

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Your Views: Cutting meat from our diets would help ease climate change

Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands marched throughout the world demanding action on climate change as 120 world leaders gathered in New York for the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. What can we do?

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Your Views: As with World War II, Middle East war should unite us in common cause

What a blessing to have the documentary “The Roosevelts” presenting an inspiring family biography filling us with the spirit of grace, inspiration and love so necessary in a time of war. By presenting a balanced picture with full, admirable bios of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor, Ken Burns reminds us of the right spirit, not only of grace and love but of perseverance, courage and determination, optimism and faith necessary for victory.

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Your Views: Flowery Branch’s Gold Out for CURE set in late player’s memory

This year marks the third annual Gold Out for CURE at Flowery Branch High School. What once began as a small idea has now exploded into one of the school’s biggest traditions.

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Your Views: Pro football is a worthless pastime played by violent people

OK, so again an important program was interrupted for the “nfl.” I print nfl in small letters because that’s how important it is to me. So they are special people who can kick a ball around. Wow! That really takes education.

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Your Views: Lions Clubs look to grow, add to service

Your article Sunday concerning challenges to area civic clubs did a good job in pointing out the struggles most civic clubs have in carrying on the work that they do.

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Your Views: Hall County’s big heart helps refill food bank

I would personally like to thank the good and generous people of Hall County for their contributions of canned and boxed food items that helped to restock the Georgia Mountain Food Bank. Your very generous donations will help feed the hungry and needy among us in Hall County and four surrounding counties.

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Your Views: Letter writer, columnist defend weak presidents, attack Bush

I do not make it a habit of reading your left-leaning (Your Views) section. This is in direct response to Gabriel Shippy’s comments about how George Bush got us in a war.

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Your Views: Funding for Obama’s war is already there

To fund Mr. Obama’s war, the Pentagon, at this time, has nearly $60 billion, unspent, in the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund.

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