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Letters to the editor

Your Views: Offer support to those who suffer from Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease is not catching or hereditary. No one knows what causes it, but some of the dopamine cells in the brain die at an accelerated rate.

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Your Views: Hall County leaders should restore library funding

To Hall County Commissioners: I write on behalf of the Hall County Library System. I have been honored to be associated with them for several years. I have been able to personally view how well they perform. I have also witnessed the distressing shortage of funds allocated by the county commissioners during this recession.

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Your Views: Hard to see how Christians can support corporations as people

We make decisions based on emotion, not reason, especially when it comes to religion and politics. One recent example is how most conservative Christians support “Citizens United,” the Supreme Court decision that says corporations are people and have the same rights as people, even though they don’t always die after 80 or 90 years like real people do.

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Your Views: Sheriff showed compassion by dropping charge against father

I was encouraged to see that White County Sheriff Neal Walden showed compassion and a little common sense in dropping the charges against a heartbroken, grieving father.

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Your Views: Atlanta cheating scandal shows how testing can go awry

It is my hope that the idea of testing what students have learned in order to measure what teachers have taught does not disappear as a result of the recent controversies.

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Your Views: Looking closer for answers to climate and evolution debates

I think it was Joan King who recently wrote people only want support for what they believe and are not interested in facts that challenge their beliefs. As a pastor (retired) I’ve certainly found this true among professing Christians.

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Your Views: Responsible cave explorers are careful not to transmit diseases

Excellent article in the April 10 edition of The Times about bats and white-nose syndrome that has been decimating bat populations of several different species in the U.S. for the last decade. Information such as this is vital to get out to the public, along with describing the importance of bats, as Michael Wheeler has done in his article.

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Your Views: Parents who ‘opt out’ of testing don’t offer reasons

I read with great interest your April 19 article “Many parents’ answer to high-stakes testing.” While there are constitutional rights and laws that allow parents to opt their child out of testing, I am still a bit mystified as to why they would want to.

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Your Views: Perhaps legal immigrants pose the greatest terrorism threat

There is usually quite a bit of discussion regarding illegal immigration, and what we need to do to address this issue. Unfortunately, we have not made much progress up to this point.

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Your Views: Would oysters survive if we left the Chattahoochee untouched?

I think I have a simple solution for the water wars. The ecology folks want everything left natural, as if man were not here.

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Your Views: Shackling suspects in court implies guilt

Now I know why they say justice is blind. They see everyone as guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. People are brought into court shackled with two armed policemen with guns to watch them. That way everyone sees that person as guilty from the start.

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Your Views: Clean Power Plan would help create a healthier environment

I live in a small mountain community in Northeast Georgia and I have been a physician for 43 years. It has become obvious to me that if we do not provide a healthy environment on our earth, future generations will suffer both economically and socially, and from severe medical problems.

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Your Views: Protecting state’s forests should be top priority beyond Earth Day

It is easy to take forests in Georgia for granted. They are often viewed as natural gifts akin to the sun and the clouds, timeless and steadfast. But Georgia’s forests have not been here forever, and they don’t take care of themselves. As we pause on Earth Day to appreciate our environment, let’s reflect on the many benefits provided by working forests, and resolve to confront the public policy threat they face.

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Your Views: TV fare today leaves much to be desired

When you are surfing channels on your TV, what do you find? Is it: “Belly too big? Knees too low? Head too big? Feet too slow?”

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Your Views: Who would gain the most from move of Lanier Tech campus?

Regarding moving Lanier Tech: Thank you, Jerry Jackson. I too am concerned about this sudden move of Lanier Tech. Who stands to gain the most from this move?

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Your Views: Tourism industry can get creative to offset extra fee

I am a little disappointed in the article titled “New fee upsets tourism industry.” The article itself was well written and worthy of the front page. However, the content of those interviewed and their titles was a little disturbing.

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Your Views: Obama’s push for tyranny is a right-wing plan

Regarding Thomas Day’s recent letter, I wonder if he expects readers to buy what he’s selling. Day speaks of tyranny, saying President Barack Obama has “come closer to establishing tyranny in the United States than at any other time in our history.”

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Your Views: Addictive behavior can be turned into community service

I am an addict. I take all things I like to excess. I am now 45 years old and a full two seconds away from a bad decision, instead of one second like when I was younger.

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Your Views: State bar congratulates Summer for Indigent Defense Award

On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to offer congratulations to Attorney Daniel A. Summer of Summer & Summer in Gainesville on receiving the 2014 Indigent Defense Award, presented by the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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Your views: More questions should be asked about moving Lanier Tech

Am I the only one that is shaking their head and asking "where did the idea come from to relocate Lanier Tech?"

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Your Views: Smithgall’s support for the arts sets our community apart

Gainesville-Hall County, with the Northeast Georgia Medical System, is one of Georgia’s prominent medical centers. With Lake Lanier, it is one of Georgia’s prominent recreation hubs. With the poultry research laboratory and a high number of poultry industry businesses, it is one of the state’s agricultural centers. With the changing seasons in the Gainesville section of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the area will become a prominent center for celebrating spring, summer, fall and even winter.

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Your Views: US government is held hostage by a tyranny of the minority

The recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Selma march was a wonderful event to remind us of the progress that has been made since that event. One unfortunate event was Jesse Jackson’s comments decrying the tyranny of the majority over the minority. It is clear by his remarks that he neither understands the meaning of tyranny nor does he understand our form of government.

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Your Views: Who’s going to fly our plane? Rice would be the ideal pilot

I know the souls of those who went down in the plane in France are in heaven, with the exception of one. Folks, we are also on the next plane heading the same way, only we have one thing in our favor: The door to the control cabin is open and desperately in need of a pilot.

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Your Views: Series on foster child care opened eyes to a serious issue

On more than one occasion, I have taken pen to paper to offer my criticism of your newspaper. It is expected that we subscribers will do that. When a newspaper does something that I feel is commendable, I will also offer my praise as well as extending my subscription another quarter.

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