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Letters to the editor

Your Views: The real ‘War on Christmas’ is waged against poor Jesus served

This time of year we begin hearing about the “War on Christmas,” as the nonreligious seek to enforce the constitutional separation between church and state. Others talk about a “War on Thanksgiving” as early shopping begins to infringe on family time and Thanksgiving time. But there’s another war far more displeasing to God, at least according to Jesus.

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Your Views: Area restaurants applauded for providing free meals to veterans

Many thanks should be extended to all the local restaurants who provided free dinners to veterans on Veterans Day. Such a positive, supportive attitude only serves to strengthen the community and the country. A week later, I was impressed to see a restaurant in Buford extend the honor by providing literally hundreds of free dinners to local veterans.

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Your Views: Health care works fine without federal government in the way

This is in response to Joan King’s recent attempt to display her superior wisdom. I thought her forte was climate change, but now she’s scolding us all for not embracing President Barack Obama’s nightmare health care plan. Where’s she been this past year?

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Your Views: Columnist misread how US voters feel

Reply to Clarence Lusane column of Nov. 11: He is correct when he says the election was not a mandate for a Republican agenda. I disagree that it happened because of a “pervasive anti-Obama drumbeat” or “incessant Republican pounding.” It happened because the American people are mad.

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Your Views: Reverse brain drain; send immigrants back home

According to President Barack Obama, the citizens of the United States are not exceptional. Also, he claims we are no better than any other country on this planet.

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Your Views: Law enforcement needs to clamp down on teen speeders

I have a 16-acre sheep farm on Coker Road. One recent evening, a 16-year-old boy hit my fence driving 80 mph, as he told police. He and his friend, who was also 16, were going home from East Hall High School.

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Your Views: Traffic light is needed at risky Hall intersection

On Nov. 10, three men, one of them a Hall County Sheriff’s deputy, were injured in a crash at Spout Springs Road and Union Circle. Thankfully none of the men suffered anything worse than a minor injury. But anyone driving in this area with any regularity knows how dangerous this intersection can be. The fact that there are not more accidents at this intersection is astounding.

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Your Views: US policy of intervention only perpetuates capitalist goals

In her recent letter, Mary Young seems to refer to the 9-11 attacks during the Bush administration as if they constitute a justification for the war in Iraq. Neither Saddam nor Iraq was involved in those attacks. She also attempts to justify the war by pointing to past history, including Saddam’s use of gas against Iraqi Kurds. The U.S. sold Saddam that gas. I have to wonder, who does she think the U.S. intended the gas to be used on? As suppliers of WMD, we are complicit in that crime.

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Your Views: Obama in China; dictators squared

President Barack Obama left his domestic woes behind to take a foreign policy trip to China this week. He met with the leader of China in a private meeting to talk about Chinese-U.S. relations and trade policies. The American press was allowed total access to the meeting and to take photographs of the occasion. It was interesting to see pictures of the world’s most powerful dictator standing next to some Chinese guy.

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Your Views: No tradition is more vital than family

Family is the most important organization in time (on this earth) or in eternity. God Himself organized the first family on earth. He created all of us as His spiritual children and thus His spiritual family. Family is very important to Him. “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

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