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Letter: Virtual charter school a positive option, thanks to state leaders

My children attend Georgia Connections Academy, a public, free, virtual charter school. I was interested in this because I wanted to have a better choice than the district school in my zip code and be very hands-on in their education.

November 19, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Warming fears could give way to a bigger concern — global cooling

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 in Paris, thousands of politicians, diplomats, bureaucrats, nongovernmental sycophants and trustworthy media people will gather "in the best possible conditions," according to France Diplomatie website. Their aim is to cobble together a "binding" agreement to reduce CO2 emissions to prevent the global temperature from increasing 2 degrees Celsius.

November 18, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Pope is right — morality of acting on climate change is clear

Now 99 percent of climate change experts agree that climate change is real and caused by humans. But what if only 50 percent agreed? If you were going to cross a foot bridge with a 2,000-foot drop beneath, and there was only a 50 percent chance that it would break and send you to your death, would you try and cross? If there was only a 25 percent, or even a 10 percent chance, would you cross?

November 18, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: Missouri case proves football is real campus king

There was an interesting role reversal at the University of Missouri last week.

November 18, 2015 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Sen. David Perdue: Efforts to stop avian influenza are vital to state's poultry industry

It is fitting that the "Eat Mor Chikin" slogan was developed by Georgia's chicken sandwich giant.

November 17, 2015 | By Sen. David Perdue Guest columnist | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Be thankful for work of local food banks

We are thankful for a lot of things but a lot of people are thankful for this one thing: food banks. Our Girl Scout troop recently learned more about how our community food bank operates. People are thankful for food banks because it helps children and adults all over the world. Sometimes people do not understand that food banks help people in their own community. This is how you can help people in your community.

November 16, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Starbucks flap pours out a cup of bad cheer

Amid the real issues and challenges our society faces headed toward an election year comes this one that blew up the Internet last week: The coffee chain Starbucks came up with a plain red holiday cup that some didn't deem festive or "Christmasy" enough. Then the whole "war on Christmas" chorus erupted anew.

November 15, 2015 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Ron Martz: Coddled campus speech isn’t free

There is a certain irony of the timing of two events from the past week in which full front assaults were launched on the freedom of speech.

November 15, 2015 | By Ron Martz | All viewpoint stories

Dick Yarbrough: UGA study finds key to marital bliss, thankfully

There are many good things happening at my alma mater, the University of Georgia, these days. Unfortunately, not much of it is occurring on the football field.

November 14, 2015 | Dick Yarbrough | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Health insurance is a new form of tyranny for Americans

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010: What a misnomer! Mine neither protects me nor is affordable. Every time I pay my premium, my blood pressure goes up.

November 13, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Kathleen Parker: The good doctor’s odd operation to belittle himself

In the annals of presidential politics, it's hard to recall anyone who has tried so hard to be so ordinary.

November 12, 2015 | Kathleen Parker | All viewpoint stories

Letter: To be a true democracy, we need full voter turnout

Last Tuesday was Election Day. The following day, The Times ran an article announcing the voter turnout to be 9.31 percent of registered voters.

November 11, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Conservatives back free-market plan to address climate change

A friend forwarded Tom Crawford's Nov. 4 column on the failure of our politicians to address climate change. The early signs (sea level rise at Tybee, floods, drought, melting glaciers, changes in growing season) are all around us.

November 11, 2015 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: Political fortunes flowed from Pinkie’s tap

From one of my favorite cities, Savannah, comes the sad news that Pinkie Master's Lounge will close at the end of the year.

November 11, 2015 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Veterans tell of battles against the unknown

Americans who haven't served in the military should try to understand what we have asked of the young men and women who have laid their lives on the line for our benefit. We can't really walk in their boots and share the full experience of combat and beyond. But even if we can comprehend just a bit of the dangers they endured overseas, and the challenges they now face back home, we can better fathom the human cost of war. In doing so, we should wisely choose leaders who don't lead us into them carelessly.

November 08, 2015 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

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Tom Crawford: Some people keep fighting the Civil War

You may have the impression that the Civil War ended sometime around 1865, after the Confederate armies stacked their weapons, the soldiers returned to their ...

February 03, 2016 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Enota Road bypass could lead to a dangerous traffic flow

As both a resident of the area and a safety professional, I would like to voice concerns over the proposed bypass of Enota Road. Of ...

February 03, 2016 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: If housing, income are your problem, vote for the right solutions

If you are over 40 you should already know what I'm about to say. If you are under 40, hopefully this will help you ...

February 03, 2016 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Vengeance is no reason to punish some who pose no threat to us

A few years ago, a friend committed a crime. He deserved punishment, but there were extenuating circumstances: He was weathering three personal tragedies, continuous pain ...

February 02, 2016 | | All viewpoint stories

Guest column: A new year, but the same old Corps of Engineers

It's not unusual for a new year to usher in new rules, regulations, and laws that can impact the way we live our lives ...

February 01, 2016 | By U.S. Rep. Doug Collins Guest columnist | All viewpoint stories

Johnny Vardeman: Tunnels still cross beneath the streets of Gainesville

Underground Gainesville?

January 31, 2016 | Johnny Vardeman | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Bringing it on home

If you're reading this on a sunny Sunday from your comfortable home, you may wonder why the struggle to find affordable housing has become ...

January 31, 2016 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Dick Yarbrough: State senator wants a helping hand for disabled

Republican state Sen. Fran Millar represents Georgia's 40th District in the north Atlanta suburbs and is not your typical glad-handing, hail-fellow-well-met kind of politician.

January 30, 2016 | Dick Yarbrough | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Is it time to roll the dice on casinos?

Are Georgians ready to gamble on allowing casinos to take root here?

January 17, 2016 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

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