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Letter: Collins needs to address all the problems with GOP health bill

On March 6, Ken Akins, Marissa Pyle and myself met with Rep. Doug Collins at his Gainesville office to talk about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). We were joined outside his office by over 100 friends from all over the 9th District. Since Rep. Collins refuses to hold in person town halls, we went to him!

March 20, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: State should put students before politics

Georgia voters rejected a proposed amendment to the constitution last fall that would have allowed the state to assume control of struggling schools. So lawmakers literally went back to school, and the drawing board, to craft a Plan B this year.

March 19, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Guest column: Move to approve injections by optometrists is a dangerous idea

We, as Americans, aspire to be great. It's why we lead the world in creativity, innovation, and economic growth. Yet, occasionally, our efforts have unintended and potentially dangerous consequences.

March 17, 2017 | By Steven Walsh Guest columnist | All viewpoint stories

Letter: State tax dollars should not fund private toll roads

One of the most egregious bills I have ever read is making its way through the Georgia General Assembly, another "Governor's bill" which, as usual, passed the Georgia Senate unanimously. As I write, this bill sits waiting for a vote in the House Transportation Committee to send it to the House floor, and then onto the governor's desk.

March 17, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Teacher-athlete pay gap is a case of distorted values

Please note first: I'm a lifelong, avid football fan. Note secondly that I greatly admire those who dedicate their lives to teaching, as my wife Sandra did so ardently and devotedly for 26 years.

March 17, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Dave Casper: Ides of March sometimes are a bad omen

Legend has it that March 15 carries a bad omen, especially for Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

March 16, 2017 | By Dave Casper Columnist | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Young people should get involved to make their world better

We need to help the youth get on board, whether over religion, drug usage or radical political views. The youth of this city need to take a stand. We as citizens are not just solely responsible for healing your community, but are required to do so. We have the right to have opinions and the ability to preach said opinions freely.

March 16, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Trump video reveals a double standard over what racism is

So it's OK for Snoop Dogg to paint a black man's face like Donald Trump and then show him being assassinated on one of his videos, but someone can claim racial insensitivity over a Mardis Gras blackface and demand an apology.

March 15, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Guest column: Congressional bills would improve effort to preserve North Georgia forests

The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is home to some of our state's most scenic natural areas: the Cohutta Mountains, Brasstown Bald, Lake Rabun and the Appalachian Trail, to name a few. Thousands of miles of clear-running streams and rivers protected by many thousands of acres of forest help provide clean drinking water to the people of North Georgia. And with more than 10 million visitors each year, the National Forest is the outdoor recreation playground for Georgia's largest and ever-growing metropolitan area.

March 15, 2017 | By Deron Davis Guest columnist | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: Speaker may seek to shift his power to governor's post

David Ralston is now being mentioned as a possible candidate for governor in 2018, which leads to an obvious question: Why would someone want to run for governor when he's already speaker of the Georgia House?

March 15, 2017 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Let the light shine in to keep government transparent

"Sunshine is the best disinfectant," attributed to Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in 1913, doesn't refer to keeping your kitchen germ-free. It's the idea that only through transparency and application of the First Amendment can Americans monitor what their governments are doing.

March 12, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Leaders should take sensible steps to lower US health costs

Our country is going the way of Greece and nobody seems willing to let our political leaders curb how much they spend. Hopefully someone, especially our federal and state political leaders, will consider the following and suggest ways to actually reduce the cost of health care.

March 11, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Motorists should stick to posted speed limits during bridge work

My concern is with the traffic on Ga. 53 at the meeting of Hall and Forsyth counties. There is a bridge construction in progress and the posted speed limits are 45, 35, 45 mph. Even if the crews are not working, is still a posted speed. That does not mean people should be right on your bumper, flashing their high beams or leaving them on and harassing you. This happens mainly going from the bridge towards Gainesville in the mornings.

March 11, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Dick Yarbrough: State has a better plan to fix struggling schools

Don't look now, but the initiative to deal with low-performing schools in Georgia has taken a big step toward becoming law.

March 11, 2017 | Dick Yarbrough | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Young people are best hope to end ‘targeting’ by Big Tobacco

Did you know tobacco is not an equal opportunity killer? While tobacco use in America has declined, its health effects continue to negatively impact certain communities more than others.

March 10, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

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Letter: Don’t include Perdue among Washington’s political class

Regarding Jim Threlkeld's letter of Monday, "Globalist career politicians all oppose Trump's nationalist ideas," I don't have a problem with what he ...

May 17, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

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