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Editorial: A Golden home venue for the Tigers

Atlanta media has been in a frenzy hyping the city's new sports venues - the Braves' new stadium opened to great acclaim, even if getting there is a challenge; the Falcons' new home is delayed by problems with its fancy new roof and may not open until fall.

April 20, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Letter: What Hall spends on bilingual ballots is a wise investment for county’s future

The recent decision by the Hall County Board of Elections to begin making bilingual ballots accessible to the public has attracted some attention. Several letters to the editor have been written from people who are in favor of and people opposed to adding Spanish to our local ballots.

April 19, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: Public Service Commission facing reality over nuclear cost overruns

On St. Patrick's Day in 2009, the Public Service Commission decided one of its most important cases ever.

April 19, 2017 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: Bilingual ballots are a vote for what’s right

We've all experienced this moment: You're in the voting booth, poring over your choices. After selecting your candidates, you scroll to the bottom of the ballot, where you're greeted by a list of constitutional amendments and referendums, some quite lengthy.

April 16, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Hall embraces diversity with bilingual ballots

Recent Hall County events have reminded many of us that our county is a warm and welcoming place to live, a reputation we can be proud of.

April 15, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: A true love of learning is lost during schools’ testing frenzy

This week, most children begin to endure standardized testing. It will linger through the remainder of the year. Few teachers avoid the notion of or argue about testing and accountability. Rather, it is how we measure it, how children are to show it, how results are used, and how much we do it.

April 14, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: To participate fully in elections, all voters should learn English

I agree bilingual ballots could give Latino legal residents a voice in the Hall County election process. However, if they wish to participate fully, as a legal citizen, I suggest they have enough interest in our culture and election process to learn our language, which is English.

April 14, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Bilingual ballots will give Latino residents a voice in Hall elections

Enthusiasm for bilingual ballots in Hall County has not gone unnoticed. The news has spread throughout many forums in Hall County for our Latino citizens. Excitement has resonated from not only the Latino community, but also from people who wish to have a more inclusive society here in Hall County. The bilingual ballot decision has been validation to our citizens who are not entirely fluent in reading and speaking English that their voice matters.

April 12, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: All eyes, lots of campaign dollars focused on 6th District House race

There's never been an off-year election like the one happening in the 6th Congressional District, where voters will pick a replacement for departed U.S. Rep. Tom Price on Tuesday.

April 12, 2017 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Impact of CO2 in atmosphere on our weather is overblown

We have enjoyed a mild winter in North Georgia. Once again some are worried about CO2 released in the atmosphere. First off, those who fear CO2 (aka greenhouse gas) have discovered global average temperature have risen only about 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1860. So they went from global warming to climate change. Historically, climate change has referred to geographical areas and not worldwide. We have experienced a wide variety of different climates in Northeast Georgia over the last 20 years. Winter in Europe was much more severe than in the U.S. this past year.

April 12, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Cartoon got it wrong over who the ‘crybabies’ are in Congress

Andy Marlette's political cartoons are usually fair, criticizing both sides. But his Friday cartoon completely missed the mark. It showed a father donkey with his crying child saying, "Son, you're a Democrat ... we don't cry when we lose; we filibuster."

April 11, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: All voters deserve a part in our democracy

Recently, walking through the Oakwood Wal-Mart, I ran into former state Rep. Carl Rogers. Like always, we talked politics. We shared a concern common to candidates and elected officials, voter participation.

April 10, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: A healthy dose of reality needed on Medicaid

The domino effect of Congress' failure to revise, rework or reject the Affordable Care Act last month has tossed the ball back to the states to figure out how best to deal with their indigent, uninsured residents. And this time, Georgia may have to pick that ball up and run with it.

April 09, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

Letter: US can’t justify entering another Mideast conflict

Reacting to alleged use of chemical weapons against opposition forces in Syria, President Donald Trump has ordered a U.S. military strike on the Syrian government. A number of cruise missiles were launched from ships against Syrian targets Thursday night. I can't believe the American public is about to fall for another neocon plan to do in Syria what we did to Iraq and Libya. We should be chastened by the horrific results of those wars.

April 08, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Letter: Opposition to bilingual ballots isn’t really fiscally responsible

The Times reports that incoming Board of Elections member and former county commissioner Craig Lutz objects to the board's decision to provide bilingual ballots for upcoming elections. Lutz calls the measure fiscally irresponsible and cites costs to taxpayers. This is only one of several shifting arguments against bilingual voting materials that don't withstand scrutiny and are even contradictory. If the question really is only a fiscal one, Lutz should be relieved that by adopting bilingual ballots, the county will avoid costly court cases that have already been threatened under the Voting Rights Act.

April 08, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

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Letter: Idea of endogeneity explains how scientists sometimes can get it wrong

Seth Godin writes a daily blog. If you are not familiar with it, I recommend subscribing at

June 14, 2017 | Letter to the editor | All viewpoint stories

Tom Crawford: Georgia can learn a lesson from Kansas’ mistake

One of the most compelling political stories of the past week happened not in Washington, D.C., but out to the west in Kansas.

June 14, 2017 | Tom Crawford | All viewpoint stories

Ron Martz: US has too many secrets, too many with access to them

The arrest last Monday in Augusta of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner for allegedly passing top-secret government documents to an online news site says as much ...

June 11, 2017 | Ron Martz | All viewpoint stories

Editorial: A development worthy of a green light

There are great benefits to living in a county with a robust economy and quality of life that lures more people to move here, but ...

June 11, 2017 | Times Editorial Board | All viewpoint stories

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