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Your Views: Obama robs us of respect, security and our privacy

POSTED: May 22, 2014 1:00 a.m.

I have been robbed, not by a back-alley mugger, but by the Obama administration and his fellow muggers, the Democratic Party. Let me elaborate.

I have been robbed of my respect and confidence in our federal justice system. The system is no longer blind. It has become the judge and jury. I suppose Attorney General Eric Holder is due an “attaboy;” he has streamed lined the system. We won’t have to feed 36,000 murderers, rapists and thieves because he has unleashed them to prey on us.

I have been robbed of my privacy. I get letters every week reassuring me my privacy is secure. Hard to believe when the National Unsecure Agency can listen to all my conversations, and Obamacare has unfettered access to all my medical records and bank account.

Our servicemen and servicewomen have now been robbed of the pledge by their commander in chief that he will do everything in his power to come to their aid when they are “down,” i.e., Benghazi.

I am a World War II veteran, and I have been robbed of my trust in the Veterans Affairs medical care system, 40 dead and counting. The policy seems to be delay until they die.

The nation has been robbed of their trust in the electoral system. When a candidate can get elected on a platform of outrageous lies, what other conclusion can you come to? “If you like your health care coverage you can keep it.” He stole another four years.

Every citizen of this nation has been robbed of the assurance big government (IRS, EPA, etc.) — with all the money it needs at its disposal, with all the high-paid lawyers you can buy — will not come after him or her because they might have a different political position or religious belief than the regime. Conservative audits are off the chart and the limits on free speech are growing by the hour.

We have been robbed of the assurance our defensive capability is enough when it’s put to the test. It is a given that Iran will have the “bomb.” It was assured of this by the global clowns, John Kerry and President Barack Obama, when they lifted sanctions. (This should give Iran ample time to refine its delivery systems, i.e., ICBMs.)

I suppose Obama assumes he can con the rest of the world like he has the ill-informed in this country. The Putins of the world ain’t buying his baloney. In every direction, you look there is a short-fused powder keg of war. However, Mr. Obama is determined to gut our military.

I have always believed robbery was a crime, but I suppose it depends on who the robbers are. We are rightly fearful of the terrorists in the world, but we should also be as fearful of the people in D.C. The Obama administration is built on a pyramid of lies planted in a swamp of corruption.

Gary Gambrell


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