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Your Views: Obama’s climate change panic is based on what real evidence?

POSTED: May 15, 2014 1:00 a.m.

Last week, President Barack Obama made his election year gloom-and-doom pitch on global warming (anything to take the heat off Benghazi). This should come as no surprise. Sen. Patrick Moynihan was warning Nixon about this in the 1960s and President Bill Clinton gave a speech in 1997 almost word for word saying what Obama said.

How have we managed to stay alive all these years and still be able to get a drink of clean water and breathe a breath of fresh air? Amazing! Why all this urgency to act all of a sudden? No catastrophic rise in sea levels. No lost islands. No cities swept into the ocean.

And still, to President Obama, we must act now. After all, he says there’s a consensus (97 percent) of scientists who believe this myth.

Where does he get his numbers? How do they arrive at this figure? Why not 90 percent or even 98 percent? My sincere hope is that we have more sensible scientists in the world than just 3 percent. After all these thousands of years the world’s been in existence, how does even one scientist know what the exact temperature for the world should be to base his data on anyway?

There are more questions than answers. For the sake of fairness, suppose there is something to global warming. What are we going to do? Should we kill all our cows, turn all our lights off, park all our cars, ruin the American economy? For what?

To set an example for the world? Without India, Russia, China, Australia, Japan, Canada, and on and on, anything we do would be completely useless, ridiculous, and disastrous to our people and our economy.

How about us all just not stressing ourselves or being caught up in the man-made fearmongering and just let the creator of the world handle the weather? He’s the one who calls the shots anyway. If He turns up the heat a little, it is to get our attention and put us on our knees if necessary. He is the one in charge and prayer to Him still changes things.

Doris Humphries


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