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Your Views: Obama, Bush give us same policies of dishonesty

POSTED: April 26, 2014 1:00 a.m.

In his April 18 letter, Paul Barnes said, “I hope all of you who voted on a Democratic ballot the last two voting cycles got the change you voted for.”

We didn’t get what we voted for. After voting for change, we got the exact same rotten bag of you-know-what that we had with G.W. Bush. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

President Barack Obama has continued the regime change policy created by President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Obama apparently believes when we voted for change, what we really wanted was for him to rename the policy political transition and continue along the same path at an accelerated schedule. While Bush used military force to topple Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama has used the CIA and economic war to destabilize and topple Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine, and he continues to support a plan to topple the government of Syria. When we voted for change, we certainly did not vote for this.

After the tragedy of the Iraq war and the lies used to justify it, the issue of U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts was a key motivation for those who voted Republicans out of the White House in 2008. If Obama is the best we can hope for in terms of government fidelity to the public will expressed at the ballot box, I worry that people won’t bother to vote in the future. That could be Obama’s most significant (and tragic) presidential legacy.

Our fundamental problem is Americans don’t get to pick the things that become our national interests. Worse, we don’t get to vote on what we will wager in terms of blood and treasure to secure those things. Presidents like Bush and Obama get their marching orders on these issues from someone besides us. They pursue these goals in spite of a clear public desire to move away from old policies like regime change. Then, after the fact, they attempt to manipulate public opinion to support what they did.

Noted political commentator Noam Chomsky calls this manufactured consent. That means our government considers us little more than lemmings or sheep to be herded. This explains the lies and manipulation.

I’ve begged Republicans to impeach Obama. Instead, we get conservative talking heads who complain loudly (manipulation) but are apparently happy for Obama to remain in office. Something about that is dishonest.

So why don’t people get what they vote for? The real owners of this country continue to have their way and saddle us with corrupt leaders like Bush and Obama because they are consistently able to divide us with wedge issues like gay rights, abortion, Obamacare, racism, imaginary attacks on religious freedom, welfare spending, immigration reform, global warming and the war on Christmas. Through this manipulation, they control selection of presidential nominees of both parties.

That is how they win and their agenda for permanent war and global domination continues while the will of a clear majority of Americans is ignored.

Bruce Vandiver


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