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August 17th, 2017 08:11 a.m.


Your Views: Obamas are spending tax money unwisely, alienating our allies

POSTED: April 24, 2014 1:00 a.m.

There’s something terribly wrong in this country when we elect a president who clearly has little or no regard for the nation or people he is supposed to faithfully serve and protect. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for myself, the arrogance and stubborn, selfish attitude of refusing to listen or consider other points of view pertaining to national policy, whether they differ from his own is obvious.

This president governs as if he is the emperor, not an elected official. As a senator, his position on major issues such as abortion, same-sex marriages, faithful adherence to our constitution and a host of other issues, to my mind, define the heart and inner workings of the mind and agenda of this incompetent, poor excuse for a chief executive. This president, clearly to me, is a liar and a hypocrite of the highest order.

When I see Michelle Obama on TV, she pleads with the American people, “we must all be strong and tighten our belts during these difficult times.” I want to throw up. During the past five years, the figures on the cost to American taxpayers for all the elaborate vacations and jaunts around the globe by both Obamas add up to close to a cool billion dollars. I’ve seen the figures.

The Obamas pass the burdens onto the backs of our brave men and women in our military and their families, denying them of needed things just to have a decent life. The Obamas are contemptible. Our economy is destined to crash, our country will fall into obscurity; it’s just a matter of time, believe me.

Our federal government is progressing a power grab. As I write this, a standoff between the federal government and ranchers is taking place in Nevada. The Department of Land Management “rustled” over 400 head of cattle from a local rancher; guns were pointed on both sides. This action was initiated with the approval of Nevada Sen. Harry Reid. This is a foretaste of things to come.

On the international front, Obama has alienated any friends we may have had. I predict Russia will take Ukraine back, Iran will get nuclear weapons and America and the world will be a more dangerous place while Obama draws his red lines and offers his empty warnings of “there will be consequences.” This coward will, as usual, do nothing.

The really sad aspect of it all is how so many of our people continue to support this “loon” and make excuses for Obama when the truth is right there to see. America has, I believe, handed the reins of power to an administration of fools. May almighty God have mercy on us all.

Mickey Montgomery


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