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Thompson: Nifty device gives you a hand when shaving your head

POSTED: October 19, 2008 5:01 a.m.
As you can tell from the picture to the right, I'm not bald. However, a lot of guys are, and this tip is for them. Instead of shaving your head with a regular razor, use the Head Blade. It's basically a razor that attaches to your hand. You can find it on line at Some local drugstores have started carrying it as well. If you're not sure about trying it out, check out some of the video testimonials of the product on YouTube. (Contributed by Ricky Moore)

Unfortunately, we're hitting some tough economic times. I'll include more tips on how to save money in the coming weeks. This week, let me focus on how to save money when you go grocery shopping. There are really three main things you need to do to save money at the grocery store:

  • 1. Go with a shopping list and don't deviate.
  • 2. Only take cash with you. No credit cards!
  • 3. Don't take the kids. Kids in a grocery store are a sure budget buster!

Kristen Morales, Times' senior design editor, shared this great tip with me. If you're in the process of buying an expensive cover for your scooter, motorcycle or bicycle, STOP! Consider buying a much less-expensive grill cover from your home improvement store instead. Grill covers come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you take along the measurements of your bike.

Do you have multiple kids sharing a bedroom? If so, here's a great idea. Assign a color to each child. Now paint each child's drawer or closet with their respective color. This makes it easy for both you and the kids to figure out which clothes or toys go in which drawer.

A lot of women store their extra shoes in shoe boxes. The problem with this is the hassle factor of opening each box to find the specific pair of shoes you're looking for. The solution is simple. Take a picture of each pair of shoes, and then attach the pictures to the front of the shoe boxes. No more guessing or fumbling with box lids.

Safety tip of the week: Instead of keeping a metal letter opener sitting on your desk where kids can get it, use a plastic knife instead. It works just as well and it's a whole lot safer!

Red wines and white carpets don't go together. If you do spill some red wine on your carpet, immediately grab the club soda and pour some onto the stain. Use a damp sponge to finish cleaning the spot. In a pinch, white wine can be used as well.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.


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