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School News

POSTED: July 9, 2012 1:30 a.m.
/For The Times

From left, Kevin Lopez, Donald Armel, Hans Mortensen and Grayson Anthony pose at a graphics camp. Johnson High School seniors Anthony and Lopez attended a week long summer graphics camp on the campus of Georgia Southern University sponsored by the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art and Quad/Graphics. They had the opportunity to create printed artifacts using industry printing presses in state-of-the-art labs.      

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North Georgia College & State University in Dahlonega conferred both undergraduate and graduate degrees on more than 800 total graduates in the spring graduation ceremonies held May 4-6 on campus.

Banks County

Tobee Mingchurr Yang, Commerce, BBA-Finance

Andrew Dustin Murray, Commerce, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Jennifer Elizabeth Hardman, Maysville

Lauren Nichole Martin, Maysville

Kimberly Beth Bowen, Maysville, BS- Mus Ed/Prof Certif

Dawson County

Rosa Maria Phillips, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Amanda Diane Hovey, Dawsonville, BS-Psychology

Dana Layne Jones, Dawsonville, MA-Science Education

Shawn William Moore, Dawsonville, MS-Family Nurse Practitioner

Brittany Morgan Croft, Dawsonville, BS-Art Education

Catherine Hood, Dawsonville, BS-Nursing

Amanda Rae Denmon, Dawsonville, BS-Special Education

Kathryn Lois Bennett, Dawsonville, BS-Special Education

Alicia Christine Cornelison, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Zachary Fletcher Thomas, Dawsonville, BBA-Marketing

Rebecca Lynn Giertz, Dawsonville, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Katie Ashley Shelby Hall, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Sara Ann Duren, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Samara Cannon Garrison, Dawsonville, BS-Special Education

Rachelle Cherry Oxford, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Courtney Evelyn Lynn, Dawsonville, MBA

Crystal Dawn Adams, Dawsonville, BS-Middle Grades Education

Thorbjorn Mullins, Dawsonville, BS-Phys Ed/Leadership Minor (Svc)

Stephanie Dawn Gentry, Dawsonville, BS-Sociology

Zachary George Gambrell, Dawsonville, BS-Phys Educ/Exercise Science

Caroline Ashley Bridges, Dawsonville, Master of Education-English Educ

Hillary Hope Doyle, Dawsonville, BS-Psychology

Annalee Elizabeth Ruffner, Dawsonville, BS-Psychology

Christopher Michael Doerrer, Dawsonville, BA-English/Certification

Barry Thomas Bruce, Dawsonville, BS-Middle Grades Education

Kristi Davis Townley, Dawsonville, Master of Education-Early Child Ed

Sara Alicia Stephens, Dawsonville, BS-Special Education

Craig Randall Isner, Dawsonville, BS-Physics

Derek Justin Waters, Dawsonville, BS-Middle Grades Education

Karen Jeanette Freeman, Dawsonville, MS-Family Nurse Practitioner

Kristin Diana Beltz, Dawsonville, BS-Physics

Todd Bangasan Baldonado, Dawsonville, BS-Psychology

James Corey Bruhl, Dawsonville, BS-Criminal Justice

Christopher David Lee, Dawsonville, BS-Phys Educ/Certification

Stephen Richard Kritikos, Dawsonville, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Carolyn Weatherly Camacho, Dawsonville, MS-Community Counseling/Graduate

Preston Scott Lowther, Dawsonville, BBA-Accounting

Jennifer Luke David, Dawsonville, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Claude Lane McCurry, Dawsonville, BS-Psychology

Angie Faye Rink, Dawsonville, MS-Community Counseling

Forsyth County

Leslie Hope Bearden, Cumming, BS-Biology/Certification

Jennifer Allyn Carroll, Cumming, BS-Special Education

Joseph W. Tereniak, Cumming, BBA-Marketing

Alexandra Lynn Norton, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Casey Leigh Clark, Cumming, BS-Special Education

Linsey Rae Baker, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Ronald Louis Martz, Cumming, MA-History Non-Mil Thesis

Tiffany E. McGrath, Cumming, BS-Art Marketing

Brenna Marie Gilbert, Cumming, BS-Middle Grades Education

Heather Elizabeth Moody, Cumming, BS-Psychology

Ashley Rose Hughes, Cumming, BBA-Marketing

Tyler Justin Swinks, Cumming, BBA-Finance

Megan Joy Cook, Cumming, BA-Spanish/Bus Emphasis

David Christian Phillips, Cumming, BS-Physics

Kimberly Ann Forney, Cumming, BS-Nursing

Joshua Thomas Wichman, Cumming, BBA-Accounting

Megan Elizabeth Oliver, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Pamela Perez Sarratt, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Gabriela Regina Mateo, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

April Laura Oliver, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Mary Lynne Bottoms, Cumming, BS- Math/Certification

AidSultanovic, Cumming,BBA- Marketing

Charles A. Pugh, Cumming, MBA

Heather Sue Harris, Cumming, MS- Family Nurse Practitioner

Andrew Dana Harris, Cumming, MBA

Emily J. Force, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Arthur Whittington Hays, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Bret Richard Haytas, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Natalie Ann Rice, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Michael Wade Clemons, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Justin Shane Meier, Cumming,BS- Criminal Justice

Jill M. Perez, Cumming, Master of Education- Middle Grades Ed

Alex Brantley Sexton, Cumming, BBA- Management

Wesley Cory Green, Cumming, BBA- Finance

James Howard Flock, Cumming, MBA

George Evan Dennison, Cumming, BS- Biology

Jessica Lynn Easley, Cumming, MA- Science Education

Jennifer Castello Lavezzo, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Mary Katelyn Witemyre, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Kathleen Suzanne Dowd, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Susan Elizabeth Bok, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Timothy Aaron Price, Cumming, BBA- Management

Meighan Elizabeth Rueden, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Meagan Ruth Honea, Cumming, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Lindsey Elizabeth Shadburn, Cumming, BBA- Management w/Leadership conc.

Gail Marie Remillard, Cumming, BS- Biology

Shandi N. Tribble, Cumming, Master of Education- Middle Grades Ed

Kevin Richard Gmernicki, Cumming, BS- Chemistry

Kristie Elizabeth Di Iorio, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Amanda Danielle Jones, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing

Ryan Van Der Want, Cumming, BS- Biology

Adam Neil Mauldin, Cumming, BS- General Studies

Christian M. Monckeberg, Cumming, BBA- Management

Andrey Andreyevich Shishmakov, Cumming, BBA- Finance

Cassandra Leigh Hancock, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Johannes Kristofer Halthen, Cumming, BS- Crim Justice w/Forensics conc.

Jesse Kyle Jordan, Cumming, MBA

Kelly Elizabeth Jones, Cumming, BS- Crim Justice w/Forensics conc.

Jessica Lee Carson, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Remo Antonio Gonzalez, Cumming, BS- Mathematics

Michelle C. Wheeler, Cumming, BS- Middle Grades Education

Heather Ann Menees, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Richard Jacob Castleberry, Cumming, BA- History

Taylor Rachelle Rodden, Cumming, BS- Special Education

Jodi Melissa Fowler, Cumming, MBA

Miriam Rebekah Rainwater, Cumming, BA- English/Writing & Publication

Creah Elizabeth Burandt, Cumming, MBA

Christopher Alan Shapiro, Cumming, BS- Biology

Kristen Leigh Pearson, Cumming, BA- Music

Katelynn M. Gordon, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Savannah Lynn Bryce, Cumming, BS-Nursing

Rhonda Lee Flynn, Cumming, Assoc. of Science-Nursing w/Leadership conc.

Erin Kathleen Hamilton, Cumming, BBA- Accounting

Meagan Elizabeth Dawn Goodliffe, Cumming, BS- Psychology

Bruce Edward Brawner, Cumming, Doctor of Physical Therapy

John V. Dennison, Cumming, BS- Biology

Michael Brian Brown, Cumming, BBA- Accounting


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