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Obama and Co. are likely to gut defense spending

POSTED: August 26, 2011 1:00 a.m.

After the "great compromise," we are led to believe a "red ribbon" supercommittee is going to solve our financial problems by cutting our spending by trillions, a committee composed of 24-karat liberal spenders. This is kind of like hiring Bonnie and Clyde to guard a bank vault.

I remember another such commission, Simpson-Bowles, and what decisive action the Obama team took about their recommendations. It got about as much attention as a whirlwind on the moon. Keep in mind the Dems specialize in crisis management; i.e., everything they are involved with, they create a crisis.

Rumor has it defense is going to be in the cross hairs. Any time Dems have an opportunity to cut defense, they go full bore. Our defense spending is only 3.5 percent of gross domestic product now and the Obama team is trying to cut it to 2.7 percent. Through 2016, defense growth will be virtually zero and will necessitate a reduction of some 47,000 troops. This is a time when the world has never been a more dangerous place to live.

We have spent a trillion on stimulus. We will spend trillions on Obamacare, billions on shovel-not-ready projects, but no additional money for defense. Last year, our outlay on entitlements was 10 percent of GDP. In the meantime, China is building a blue water navy and advance fighter aircraft, Iran is on the verge of having a nuclear bomb, North Korea has one, the Mideast is short fused powder keg, and our southern border is a terrorist sieve.

Due to Obama's foreign policy, we have lost our credibility with our eastern European allies when he pulled the antiballistic shield to placate the Russians. He has thrown the only reliable ally we have in the most volatile region of the world, Israel, under a tank.

To give our military another kick in the gut, the Dems abolished the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which was the best way to deal with this issue. All anyone had to do was behave and keep their mouth shut.

Another fiasco being pushed is to place women in combat units. I have nothing against women, but these policies are insane. Combat is no place for women.

These changes have all the earmarks of a distraction from the intended role of the military and a command nightmare. Our military is not a place for social experiments.

To further demoralize the troops, the supercommittee may cut back on GI pensions and other benefits. There are no "peace benefits" to be mined out of our present defense outlay, like Bill Clinton did, because there is no peace.

Obama has made it very clear that he and his party are no friends of the military. This man and his cronies have wrecked the economy and will do the same to the military. We diminish the military at great peril to our nation.

It is doubtful we can endure another 15 months of this administration. Four more years and we are doomed. If it should happen, I believe Proverbs 26:11 would best describe this seismic blunder: "As a dog returns to his vomit, so as a fool returns to his folly."

Gary Gambrell


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