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Political parties agree on 1 thing: Get rid of the tea partyers

POSTED: August 25, 2011 1:00 a.m.

Just recently, I attended a local Republican meeting to witness how we get the candidates we get. I witnessed the old guard sneer at any new faces and whisper that "they must be those tea party people." It's then that I began to realize how losing any control of their power is a direct threat, and will not be tolerated from either the Democrats or Republicans.

Wow, finally a goal that both political parties can agree on: destruction of the tea party people. They have found common ground to destroy citizens who are simply looking for information to help their families survive a tough time.

What both parties haven't contemplated is the big sister of the tea party which is the "Teed Off Party." We are much bigger and stronger than our little sister. We won't be wearing golf tees on our hats or get caught throwing golf tees at politicians at town hall meetings.

But we are out here and want to clean up our elitist, self-indulgent government that has stopped serving citizens and is only interested in serving politically connected friends.

Lynn Everitt


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