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Horoscope, dog deliver a message on smoking

POSTED: June 23, 2011 1:00 a.m.

On a recent Saturday morning, I decided to take my little dog for a walk at God and Chicopee's greatest gift to Gainesville, Chicopee Woods hiking trails. What a way to start the day, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the new spring growth.

About 30 minutes into the hike, however, the spell was broken as I smelled cigarette smoke. Sure enough, about 50 yards ahead was a guy wrestling with his two big dogs while trying to manage a cigarette dangling from his mouth.

I was incensed. What a boor. Save your smokes for your own backyard, not ours.

That's when I remembered my horoscope that I had just read that morning in The Times: "You might not think that what you have to say is particularly profound, but it needs to be said and is, therefore, important. So plant yourself evenly on both feet and deliver the message."

As I approached the puffing perpetrator, I planted myself evenly on both feet and was prepared to give him what for: "While smoking is your personal choice, this nature trail is no place to pollute the environment." It was at that point that one of his dogs, obviously agitated and nervous, did an about face, planted himself evenly on three feet, hiked his leg and peed on his master's bare leg.

My conclusions: His dog was just as annoyed by his smoking as I was and displayed his disgust in the only way that he knew how. His dog accomplished in one swift, nonverbal move what I probably would have been too chicken to express verbally. His dog and I must share the same birthday.

Many thanks to the multitude of volunteers who donate their time and talent to this beautiful and smoke-free nature center.

Greg Wojcik


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