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Instead of worrying about state trauma care, secure a living will

POSTED: June 22, 2011 1:00 a.m.

In a June 10 article, the AJC reported some interesting statistics regarding Georgians dying needlessly because "they are too far from a trauma center." No doubt these statisticians could prove that Rhode Island is seven times bigger than Texas. As a result, most of the information contained in the article is typical of how so-called intelligent and knowledgeable people attempt to dupe us so-called ignorant and unawares into buying their white elephants.

Based upon experience and observation, those who die as a result of trauma death and their families are the lucky ones. For instance, a number of years back an acquaintance tried to defy the law of centrifugal force in his muscle car while under the influence. Unfortunately, because of the location of the accident he was admitted to hospital emergency care within minutes.

After a number of hours of intense waiting and praying, the emergency room doctors appeared and being somewhat elated with their playing God, announced their trauma victim would live. At no time did they mention that without a miracle he would be confined to a wheelchair and require years of physical therapy and special care to ensure a meager enjoyable lifestyle.

The above is only one of millions of examples of how the medical profession is able to destroy the lives of accident victims and their families. Years ago, doctors would emerge from the emergency room and express their condolences for the loss of a loved one.

With all the modern medical technology, our contemporary doctors emerge from the trauma center with good news? Your family member lives. Never do they mention that 24/7 care may be required and that life as previously enjoyed is for all practical purposes over.

For you people of age who do not have a living will, I suggest you make out an ironclad living will. This will prevent you and your family from having to endure horrible things that modern medicine can inflict as a result of being rear a trauma care center.

Last of all, make sure your family is aware of copies of your living will and will honor it. Be ever mindful that as a person in need of medical help, upon your arrival at a trauma care center, you are a source of revenue. Dead or alive is not the issue.

Death as a source of sadness lasts only a few days. Survival as a result of trauma care can last a lifetime. A living will is as much an expression of love to one's family as a pay-now, go-later burial plan and up-to-date last will and testament.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch


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