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County spends too much on unnecessary personal services

POSTED: June 11, 2011 1:28 p.m.

 With all the talk of budget talks vs. increasing tax rates, being a 64-year-old independent truck driver, I have some comments and questions.

When I started out on my own in life, I was used to the taxes I paid then as a percentage of the money I earned. But then tax costs kept rising more as a percentage to my income. Why? Because I had to pay my fair share or everybody has to sacrifice. Why? Because government mismanaged my tax money.

Well, everyone through the years has to adjust to the costs at the time they start out in life, but at all levels of government, costs have continually outpaced the growth of their income, so here we are today.

Maybe someone could answer some budget questions. Why do we have government-owned businesses such as golf courses and recreation centers that are losing money? If they cannot charge the users enough to pay the costs, should I have to help pay to keep it open if I don't use them?

The same question for mass transit. Do I get reimbursed by the people going to work, making a living using my tax dollar?

Libraries are the same. With all the computers out there, why do we need libraries? I can find anything I need on the Internet now. Doesn't every school have a library for students?

Why are schools built like palaces today? Was it important what my school looked like or what I learned? And parks — how many ballfields and soccer fields do we need when every school has them? Why do I pay school property taxes at the same rate as someone with no children or five children?

 I could go on and on about waste. Government, please keep my country and borders safe with a strong military, keep my streets and home safe through strong police and fire departments, maintain roads and bridges and help the truly needy. The rest let me take care of.

Paul Pierson
Flowery Branch


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