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Your Views: There’s nothing ‘fair’ about this administration

POSTED: April 25, 2011 10:03 p.m.

I have just about had it with some of the actions and statements coming from the president. This letter is addressed to the president and to my fellow citizens.

Recently sir you addressed a very young and easily influenced audience. You called for "a fair society."

Sir, your definition of fair and mine must differ greatly. You want those of us who have made a good life by hard work and using our talents to the best of ability to be forced to give to others who chose to not use their talents and are looters on our society.

If you want fair, then let us see to it that every citizen pays taxes; not have 47 percent pay none. Let's put a stop to the practice of awarding people for bad behavior; the young single mother who has one child after another because she can get more in benefits. Let's recognize that there may be a need for foreign citizens to come to our country to work at various jobs but they must do so legally and under our rules and laws.

This is what makes it fair in society. For everyone to carry their load and be rewarded for the effort they put out. The government must not play the Robin Hood that is so talked about and steal from the earners and give to the looters. In fact the real Robin Hood stole from the government and not the rich and gave to the citizens!

I, like many of my fellow citizens who pay most of the taxes do so as a result of our willingness to work many hours, make sacrifices and thus should be allowed to keep our earnings. I pay way more than my fair share already as long as 47 percent of the potential taxpayers pay nothing; in other words they are looters.

And my last point, Mr. President: You are to be our leader but I see you as our divider. You are again going down the road of starting class warfare for your personal gain and the gain of the one political party.

Your efforts and your tone of message are such that people who have the ability to help others will go on strike. The engine of our society will stop. Relations between the classes you are dividing will be greatly damaged. I do not believe that is your intent but that is the direction you are moving.

Sir, become more American, learn about the foundation this country was built upon and move forward to bring all citizens together and not be a divider. Sir, your path is ruining the country I love. Your definition of fair may result in the providers striking and if that happens with the level of looters, we will see the end of our great country. The great experiment will end.

Can anyone tell me where I can find John Galt?

Fred Fletcher
Flowery Branch


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