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Your Views: For nation to survive, we need to elect a new president

POSTED: April 21, 2011 8:21 a.m.

Let me state, for the record, that in my opinion, Barak Obama is the worst chief executive elected to office ever. Jimmy Carter now must take second place. Obama's unending list of failed policies continue to destroy and discredit our once great nation.

Our nation is drowning in a sea of debt and the president proposes more borrowing.

On another of his many vacations, this one to Brazil, he made an agreement to allow Brazil to drill in the Gulf of Mexico for our oil in exchange for a promise to honor another loan to us in excess of $2 billion while he denies companies in our nation to drill. Gas prices are projected to hit $5 a gallon by summer with no end in sight.

Obama's solution to lowering our national debt is to tax the rich and corporations while appointing the CEO of General Electric to his debt crisis commission.

By the way, General Electric this year posted profits in excess of $4 billion without paying a penny in taxes due to the many loopholes our government provides. What hypocrisy. Obama stands firm in his unwavering support for our corrupt unions; that have driven most of our industry to China, thus reducing our nation to a nation of buyers and borrowers.

It galls me how so many in our country persist in maintaining a state of denial and unwavering loyalty to this incompetent ideologue that has set a course for chaos for our nation and divided our people as no president ever has. If he is re-elected to four more years, may almighty God have mercy on us all. We will be through as a functionally free people. We have to vote him out in 2012, if for no other reason, our very survival.

Mickey Montgomery


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