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Kitchen Inspections for April 8-16

POSTED: May 3, 2009 12:31 a.m.

April 8

Golden Buddha
3715 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood
Score: 91, Grade: A
Repeat violation: prepared ready to eat foods not date labeled. Chicken left to thaw overnight on counter — temperature was still 27 degrees.
Inspector: Donna Black

Oakwood Buffet
3640 Mundy Mill Road Suite, No. 116, Gainesville
Score: 93, Grade: A
Cups of coffee and bottle waters on prep table. Cloth storage bucket on floor and cloths being rinsed off the used to clean tables.
Inspector: Black

Autumn Breeze
2215 Old Halton Place, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

April 9

Campgrounds at Lake Lanier Islands
7000 Holiday Road, Lake Lanier Islands
Score: 98, Grade: A
Clean bath house where there is mold on walls. Peeling paint on shower walls. Debris on floors.
Inspector: Black

Harbor Landing at Lake Lanier Islands
7000 Holiday Road, Lake Lanier Islands
Score: 94, Grade: A
Dirty utensils, blenders and microwaves, etc. Clean showers and toilets better.
Inspector: Black

Captain D’s
410 Pearl Nix Parkway, Gainesville
Score: 93, Grade: A
Cloths used to wipe food contact surfaces laying out on counters — solution water dirty. Repeat violation: shelves, sides of fryers, and shelves in walk-in cooler and freezer with grease/food residue. Repeat violation: holes in walls behind fryers, chemical storage area; tiles damaged in old walk-in cooler; trash on floor around water heater; grout missing in-between tiles in front of fryer. Repeat violation: lights in hood system needed to be shielded.
Inspector: Black

April 10

Northeast Georgia Medical Center
743 Spring St., Gainesville
Score: 96, Grade: A
Many scoops stored in prep area greasy and spec of debris.
Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

April 13

658-B Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville
Score: 74, Grade: C
Several containers of food in multiple coolers and freezers have no lids. Cutting boards have accumulation of mold/mildew. Veggie press has grime buildup and can opener has dirty blade and metal shavings buildup. Pink and black slime mold accumulating behind baffle in ice machine. Prep cooler unable to maintain potentially hazardous foods at 41 degrees or less. Bottles of chemicals either not labeled or mislabeled. Bag of onions stored in container with rotting onions on bottom. Step ladder stored with feet of ladder on onions. Mold and mildew growing on labels of dressing containers and around outer lip and lid of containers. Sanitizer buckets stored on floor, concentration exceeding way beyond 200 ppm for chlorine. Solo cups used to scoop sauce. Paper towels used to dry knife and cups. Need chlorine test strips if using chlorine sanitizer. Keep shelves and handles on equipment clean. No cold water at front handsink faucet. Cold water leaks so turned off below sink.
Inspector: Lydia Hoffhines

Burger & Shake
891 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville
Score: 94, Grade: A
Thermometers missing in ice cream freezer and prep cooler. Food probe thermometer reading 9 degrees F in ice water bath. Bag of onions stored leaning against wall stained with dirt and debris from hanging broom and dustpan. Raw meat stored above produce in cooler.
Inspector: Hoffhines

Target Store T-2387
5865 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch
Score: 96, Grade: A
Starbucks: Sanitizer wiping cloths stored in solution with heavy food debris (milk). Accumulation of trash, syrup and dirt under equipment.
Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

C.W. Davis Middle School
4335 Atlanta Highway, Flowery Branch
Score: 96, Grade: A
Both cold pass-thru units on serving line with heavy condensation leaks from compressor — sheet pans used to capture condensate fall of this non-potable water that can overflow onto loosely wrapped ready-to-eat items stored in these units. Walk-in cooler evaporator also dripping into pan above ready-to-eat storage. Walk-in cooler has some dripping from seams in ceiling.
Inspector: Wentworth

April 14

Nopalitos Mexican Restaurant and Bar
1216 Aviation Blvd., No. 107, Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Lyman Hall Elementary
2150 Memorial Park Road, Gainesville
Score: 95, Grade: A
Ranch dressing dated April 1 in walk-in cooler. Fan in dishroom over clean dish table dusty, vent in dry storage above shelving dusty, ceiling panels next to vent over prep area entrance to walk-in cooler dusty.
Inspector: Wentworth

International House of Pancakes
430 Broad St., Gainesville
Score: 99, Grade: A
Large build up of grease under grill at cook line.
Inspector: Wentworth

April 15

Common Grounds Coffee Shoppe
5510 Main St., Flowery Branch
Score: 94, Grade: A
Repeat violation: No detectable amount of sanitizer in cloth storage buckets. Single service coffee straws are not wrapped and are for customer self service.
Inspector: Black

Ritnes, Inc DBA Best Value Inn
809 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville
Score: 96, Grade: A
Inspector: Black

Pizza Hut No. 4798
3815 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood
Score: 94, Grade: A
Soda dispensing nozzles and diffusers with mold buildup. Floor needs a good cleaning under shelving in cashier station. Ceiling vent over proofer/food prep area needs cleaning — large accumulation of dust that can blow onto food/food contact surfaces. Walk-in cooler evaporator with condensate dripping from drain. Personal items (pocketbooks) stored in wait station. Cabinet under soda dispenser needs a good cleaning.
Inspector: Wentworth

Oakwood Elementary School
4500 Allen St., Oakwood
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wentworth

April 16

Sugar Hill Elementary
3259 Athens Highway, Gainesville
Score: 96, Grade: A
Ice machine baffel with mold growth behind baffel.
Inspector: Wentworth

The Monkey Barrel
115 Washington St., Gainesville
Score: 100, Grade: A
Inspector: Wentworth

Megan Gill


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