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Feb. 19-25, 2009

POSTED: March 8, 2009 12:13 a.m.

Feb. 19

Todino’s Pizza

150 Pearl Nix Parkway No. E6,

Score: 97, Grade: A

Ice scoops stored in ice. Forks and spoons that are single-service are not in dispenser that prevents hand contact with eating surface. Faucet broken at three-compartment sink and hose being used as spigot.

Inspector: Donna Black

Feb. 20

The Collegiate Grill

220 Main St., Gainesville

Score: 94, Grade: A

Employee’s cup on ice maker without lid/straw. Ice scoops with handles in ice maker and ice bin. Single-serve items too close to trash can and in a drawer in boxes that have absorbed grease. Clear wrap on shelves of cooler. Floors have an accumulation of dirt, food, etc. Some tiles broken against back wall in kitchen.

Inspector: Kathleen McDuffie

Waffle House No. 1211

4395 Cornelia Highway, Lula

Score: 82, Grade: B

Cook handling raw bacon then touching bread without washing hands. Cup on shelf over grill with no straw and lid. No paper towels at handsink in back kitchen. Cloths being left laying on counter and in handsink. Shelves in walk-in cooler and bottom of reach-in cooler with residue and needs to be cleaned. Floors need to be cleaned underneath dishmachine and beside ice machine and walk-in cooler and freezer.

Inspector: Black

T.J. Applebee’s

1705 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville

Score: 90, Grade: A

Employee drinks without straw and lid. Red Bull, mixers, and other items stored in ice bin at bar to stay cold. Cloths laying on counters and food prep areas. Utensils in running dipper wells with no water running; scoops and ladles lying in foods with handles touching foods. Repeat violation: Ice bin leaking at bar needs to be repaired.

Inspector: Black

Feb. 23

Starbucks - Kroger F.B.

4025 Winder Highway, Flowery Branch

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: Lydia Hoffhines

Riverside Pizza

859 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville

Score: 89, Grade: B

Repeat violation: No food date-labeled. Mold growing on lids of dressing containers and racks where food is stored in walk-in cooler. Boxes and clutter on floor in employee bathroom and back storage area. Outsides of bulk food containers, bottom of reach in freezers, scales, radio and handles to prep sink have accumulation of dried food debris.

Inspector: Hoffhines

Wild Wing Cafe

311 Jesse Jewell Parkway, Gainesville

Score: 90, Grade: A

Repeat violation: Knives, plates, slicers and other kitchenware/utensils stored with food residue. Cloths need to be stored in sanitizer between uses. Grease accumulation on ground underneath Dumpster.

Inspector: Black

Gibby’s BBQ

380 Cleveland Highway, Clermont

Score: 90, Grade: A

Chicken, ribs and prime rib in hot box with temperatures 87-121 degrees. Floors and walls, especially underneath fryers and at floor/wall junctures, need to be cleaned more often. All personal items (shoes, CDs, tobacco, etc.) must be stored in designated areas away from food prep and items used for customer.

Inspector: Black

Clermont Hotel

101 Dean St., Clermont

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: McDuffie

Mr. Edd’s Pizza Plus - Clermont

5205 Cleveland Highway, Clermont

Score: 98, Grade: A

Gaskets on coolers are damaged. Gaskets on make lines have an accumulation of food debris. Cove molding coming away from walls. Shelving and exterior of equipment need a detailed cleaning.

Inspector: McDuffie

Papa’s Pizza To Go

6483 Cleveland Highway, Clermont

Score: 85, Grade: B

Macaroni and cheese, soup and spaghetti out of temperature. Freezer problems: Icicles from ceiling, ice on shelves, floors, and walls and frozen on boxes of food. Scoop in pizza make line down in food. Box of cups on floor. Gaskets on refrigerator and make line damaged. Gaskets have food debris. Ice maker leaking onto floor, causing an accumulation of mold/mildew.

Inspector: McDuffie

McDonald’s Restaurant

965 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville

Score: 90, Grade: A

Repeat violation: Mold and mildew build up around interior dispenser of ice machine. Wash temperature at 110 degrees. Repeat violation: Box of opened fries stored on floor in walk-in freezer. No scoops available for ice bins. No sanitizer registering on test strips for up front sanitizer bucket. Multiple cloths sitting out on counter tops.

Inspector: Hoffhines

El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant No. 11 Inc.

891 Dawsonville Highway, Suite 110, Gainesville

Score: 99, Grade: A

Lids and outer side of bulk food containers have food debris build up. Wall area behind blender has accumulation of sticky food residue.

Inspector: Hoffhines

Feb. 24

Taqueria Jalisco

425 Atlanta Highway, STE 8, Gainesville

Score: 84, Grade: B

Cups without lids and straws. No soap at handsink in kitchen. Dishes not being sanitized after rinsing. Foods without date labels. Chicken left to thaw at room temperature. Test strips for chlorine sanitizer missing.

Inspector: Black

Feb. 25

Sweet Magnolias

118 Main St. SW Suite 10, Gainesville

Score: 100, Grade: A

Inspector: Black


5458 McEver Road, C-4, Flowery Branch

Score: 89, Grade: B

Several utensils with food residue; clean dishes being stored on dirty side of three-compartment sink. Potatoes cooling in ice bath in handsink; bread stored on floor. Repeat violation: Cloths used to wipe food-contact surfaces need to be stored in sanitizer between uses. Damaged gasket needs repaired on left door of two-door reach-in cooler; ice scoop damaged, chipped and cracked. Replace missing test strips used for chlorine sanitizer. All cabinets and areas behind and beside equipment need cleaned to remove accumulation of debris. Repeat violation: Floors and ceiling tiles with dust and debris.

Inspector: Black

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living

3315 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville

Score: 92, Grade: A

Clean utensils stored in containers with food residue. Lemons from lunch left out on tables for dinner; residents filling own ice buckets up at ice machine. Floors beside ice machine need cleaning and walls behind ice machine and near grill area need cleaning.

Inspector: Black

McDonalds - Spout Springs

7370 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch

Score: 96, Grade: A

Repeat violation: Employees without hair restraint.

Inspector: McDuffie

Megan Gill


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