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Kitchen Inspections, week of Nov. 1-8

POSTED: March 13, 2008 5:00 a.m.

The following are among the food service establishments inspected from Nov. 1-8 by the Hall County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale, with 85 and above considered passing.

Kitchens are inspected at least every six months and are required to post their score sheets in public. A new establishment that has never served food must score a 100 to receive an initial report. When a restaurant changes ownership, another inspection is required. The establishment must score a 94 or higher to receive a new permit.

To register a complaint against a restaurant, call the health department at (770) 531-3973.

Nov. 1
Enota Elementary, Enota Avenue, Gainesville
Score: 97
Dust on ceiling tiles throughout kitchen. Area on wall next to walk-in freezer where coved baseboard is damaged. Lots of water pooled on floors throughout kitchen. Condensate leak in walk-in freezer. Door to walk-in cooler scrubbing on floor not allowing it to shut automatically. Box of single service cups on floor in pool of water where water had started soaking into box.
Inspector: Donna Black

Nov. 5
Lula Elementary School, 6130 Chattahoochee St., Lula
Score: 100
Inspector: Laurie Wentworth

Los 3 Hermanos, 2214 Lenox Drive, Gainesville
Score: 78 Failing Inspection
Rice in uncovered container in dry storage trailer. Foods uncovered in reach-in cooler. Food stored on floor in dry storage trailer. Ice maker and drink dispenser have mold and mildew. Can opener and cooking utensils stored with dried-on food. No hot water to hand washing sink.
Inspector: Kathleen McDuffie

Johnny's New York Style Pizza, 104 Carrington Park, Gainesville
Score: 97
Shelves over dish machine and salad make line cooler with dust. Evaporator unit in walk-in cooler with dust.
Inspector: Black

El Saborcito Michoacano, 1705 Cleveland Highway B-4, Gainesville
Score: 100
Inspector: Black

East Hall High School, 3534 East Hall Road, Gainesville
Score: 91
Warmer on end of line behind left serving line (facing lines) not keeping uniform temperature throughout unit. Top of unit keeping food at required 140 degrees or bottom unit of 100-110 degrees on thermometer. Food struggling to maintain required 140 degrees. Grease spilled on ground around grease barrel. Flies are attracted to the spill and seem to be gaining entry to kitchen.
Inspector: Wentworth

Common Ground Coffee Shoppee, 5510 Main St., Flowery Branch
Score: 93
Insides of all coolers and freezer with food residue. Food residue on shelves in reach-in cooler. Floors at floor and wall juncture and underneath equipment need to be cleaned to prevent insect and rodent attraction. Inside of microwave with build up of food residue. Dirty coffee cups stored in mop sink waiting to be washed from weekend.
Inspector: Black

Nov. 6
Subway, 4504 Cornelia Highway, Unit 3, Lula
Score: 99
Food debris underneath shelf next to walk in cooler. Dust on ceiling over food area.
Inspector: Black

Riverside Military Academy, 2100 Riverside Drive, Gainesville
Score: 95
Food in walk-in and dry storage on crates. Utensils, knives have dried food residue. Mold and mildew on ice maker and drink dispensers. Cloths used to wipe food contact surfaces not being stored in sanitizer between uses.
Inspector: McDuffie

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living, 3315 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville
Score: 87
Box of canned food on floor in dry storage. Container that has potatoes also has scissors, single serve cups and kitchenware in container. Slicer with accumulation of food residue. Ice machine with mold and mildew on wall and baffle. Booster heater not turned on at dish machine. Cloths used to wipe food contact surfaces not being stored in sanitizer between uses. Insides of all coolers and freezers (especially one beside grill), warmer, top of dish machine, shelves and other areas in kitchen with food accumulation. Floors and walls throughout kitchen with residue. Wall behind dish machine with mold. Floor in front of walk-in cooler with flooring pulling up at doorway. Floors in walk-in cooler and freezer with residue.
Inspector: Black

Nov. 7
North Hall High School, 4885 Mount Vernon Road, Gainesville

Score: 96
Slicer blade with some dried food at edge and some dried food on front of blade guard and on knife sharpener holder. Better sweeping needed under shelving in dry storage, especially under shelving immediately to right along wall to freezer, accumulation of trash, dirt, etc. Baseboard tiles need to be resealed.
Inspector: Wentworth

Todino's Pizza, 150 Pearl Nix Parkway, No. E6, Gainesville
Score: 89
Cheese grater, can opener and several knives with food residue. Cloths used to wipe food contact surfaces not being stored in sanitizer between uses. Floors next to oven, near three-compartment sink and in other areas underneath equipment with food residue.
Inspector: Black

Sea Bones, 200 Washington St., Suite A, Gainesville
Score: 94
Utensils stored with food debris. Cleaning cloths on surfaces and in reach in cooler. One handsink has no paper towels. Some broken and cracked tiles in kitchen area.
Inspector: McDuffie

Mac's Pit Stop Grill, 3008 McEver Road, Gainesville
Score: 97
Storage on floor.
Inspector: McDuffie

Burger & Shake II, 5866 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch
Score: 98
Cloths used to wipe food contact surfaces not being stored in sanitizer between uses. Wall and floor near grill with residue.
Inspector: Black

Nov. 8
Subway No. 39661, 3875 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood

Score: 95
Many flies in establishment. Fly strip hung in prep area. One vector machine installed and three more ordered. Food service permit and current inspection (would have been opening inspection) not posted. Floors need better cleaning under moveable low boy cooler and oven in serving area. Personal items stored on shelf with food storage. Some items of clothing laying over bags of sugar on same shelf.
Inspector: Wentworth

Comfort Inn and Suites, 4951 Bristal Industrial Way, Buford
Score: 98
Raw eggs stored over ready to eat foods in reach-in cooler.
Inspector: Black

Comfort Inn and Suites at Lake Lanier, 4951 Bristal Industrial Way, Buford
Score: 99
Toilet needs cleaning in room 122. Sink in room 310 needs to be cleaned.
Inspector: Black

Chestnut Mountain Elementary, 4670 Winder Highway, Flowery Branch
Score: 92
Hot water sanitizing final rinse pressure not registering required 15-25 PSI on pressure gauge. Gauge actually registering correct pressure when no kitchenware is in rise cycle and falling below required pressure during rinse cycle with kitchenware. Floors need more frequent sweeping in dry storage to prevent dust and debris accumulation and to monitor any possible rodent activity. Floors need better cleaning under cook line equipment. Dried paper, mop pieces (yarn) and grease can be attraction for insects and rodents. Ceiling panels above wall mounted fans in dish room need cleaning.
Hood vents dusty and greasy. Dust and grease can fall or drip back into food and food contact surfaces. Several overhead fans in kitchen need better dusting to prevent dust from blowing into kitchen.
Inspector: Wentworth

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