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Letter: Previous letter falsely claimed Israel’s hard-fought land is illegal

POSTED: January 4, 2017 1:00 a.m.

The letter Saturday was sadly misguided. The claim that the territories now under settlement building in the West Bank by Israel was a “land grab” is free of facts.

The author claims this is considered Palestinian territory. This land has not been Palestinian since the 1967 war, when five nations prepared war against Israel (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon) and were supported by nine other Arab nations logistically. Syria and Jordan massed tens of thousands of troops on Israel’s borders while Egypt massed over 500 tanks on its western border.

On June 1, 1967, minster Aref of Iraq told the world they were preparing to wipe Israel from the world map. The month before, Syria’s defense minister said the time had come to annihilate Israel. In May, Egyptian leader Abdel Nasser  stated clearly the intent was the destruction of Israel.

Israel took the threats seriously and showed its resolve by defeating all nations attacking their land in six days. The entire Egyptian air force was destroyed in just hours. The victory brought Israel the Golan Heights, the West Bank territory and the Temple Mount, at which no Israeli had been allowed to pray since 1948.

The West Bank is not unlawfully occupied by Israel any more than Montana is still owned by the Sioux, Texas is still owned by Mexico or the 13 colonies in America are still owned by England. All were captured by war. I hear no calls for any of those lands to be returned to a previous owner after military victory.

The writer has surely forgotten the original UN motion to create Israel also created a Palestinian state. Less than one day after the implementation of that motion, Israel was attacked, and only by the grace of God was able to prevail and secure the infant Jewish homeland. Since that day, the Palestinian charter has called for the total destruction of Israel. That claim still today is written within the charter of the PLO and is preached daily by the terrorist rulers there, Hamas.

Should it be somehow forgotten, from 1948 until 1967 the entire West Bank and Gaza was owned and ruled by Egypt and Trans-Jordan. Never once did these Arab brothers make any effort to arrange a homeland state for the Palestinians. We hear no condemnation of that negligence anywhere, from the floor of the UN to letters in our paper.

In order to try to secure a lasting peace, Ariel Sharon ordered the Israeli army to remove such settlements and offered 98 percent of all territory won in 1967 to Palestine. The reply was “no” and several thousand rockets were launched into southern Israel. That moment proved beyond all discussion that land for peace is a false hope, and that there is no decline in the wish to destroy Israel.

We claim to be a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian ideals. I am confident that foundation has kept us strong now into our third century. But if we intend to remain so, let us never forget the ancient warning given by the Lord in Genesis 12:3. Look it up and remember.

Michael Hawkins


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